Sunday, February 9, 2020

Essay Topics Using Cryptography

Essay Topics Using CryptographyFor those who are writing a topic for an essay, there are a number of ways to approach the subject using cryptography. The following are some examples of how it could be applied:Cryptanalysis. This is a form of cryptography which uses very complex computer software to identify data and/or block codes within text files or in computer networks. There are a number of different types of software that are used and they all depend on how much information needs to be decrypted. They will often use plaintext or a lower level of encryption to ensure that the decryption is both secure and also possible.Cryptography is more than just hashing or password hashes. It is not just a means to prevent someone from guessing what your password is - but can be used to encrypt and decrypt other forms of data such as credit card numbers, passwords and even chat conversations.In fact, one of the main methods of obtaining encrypted information today is by reading your shopping or credit card statements in the UK court system. The court system is responsible for bringing criminals to justice and if you have been made a victim of fraud, then you may find yourself in possession of keys to unlock your personal finances, depending on the terms of your contracts.By reading your shopping and credit card statements, they will open up your wallet and give you a private key which you can use to unlock it. Even though this may sound a bit untrustworthy, keep in mind that most credit cards will use some form of encryption at the time of processing. A quick look at some of the credit card websites will reveal that most of them actually give the recipient of your bill this private key, just in case there is a problem with the payments.There are also those who use encryption to encrypt their Internet usage. There are websites that require you to use the same encryption that they use to keep their content safe from others. When this happens, you may discover that you are not sending any confidential information through your Internet connection, but rather just a regular web page with lots of background information and perhaps some pictures.There are also those who use encryption for protecting confidential emails and even for business or seedy sites such as X-rated sites. You will find that some online websites will use some form of encryption so that even if the site is hacked, they will still be protected. There are even some good writers who use cryptography to ensure that they can carry out their job without leaving any vital information exposed.

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