Thursday, October 17, 2019

Neoliberalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Neoliberalism - Essay Example The citizens of Mexico are usually precluded from exercising their rights and inhibited from accessing justice in their system. The fact therefore that the people of Chiapas, who Speed uses in her study and who were involved in the Zapatista movement have in more ways than one framed their struggles in the context of enforcement of human rights. Human Rights and the Neoliberal Rule Interesting similarities could be drawn to the fact that the most controversial foreign policy decisions by the administration of the United States in the recent years usually get defense from unique quarters. These policies have always been defended on the basis that the government is spreading democracy and enforcing the realization of human rights. Most of these policies are considered neoliberal. One characteristic of neoliberalism is that it has a cultural system. This system focuses on the priority of the individual. Consequently, the values and discourse of individual freedoms and the notion of meri tocracy will lead to the establishment of neoliberal policies, governance and a rule that is neoliberal in nature. Mexico is one of the major traders under NAFTA. One significant factor of most of the transnational projects in the Latin America has focused on the tensions of development of neoliberal project. In the development of neoliberal rule therefore, strong attachments can be seen between the human rights movement and the explosion of a strong constitutional review that is more focus on bills and judicial reviews about the same time when there are developments in neoliberal reforms. Most of the works in neoliberal reforms and globalization embrace the idea that most administrations in the world try to adopt policies that are imposed upon them by the world. Most trading partners in the world on the other hand would not be willing to do trade with regimes that are oppressive and lack the respect for human rights. It is therefore clear that for such policies to be adopted there has to be a movement stimulating the recognition and realization of human rights and freedoms. Consequently, the recognition of such rights ultimately reproduces neoliberal rule and policies that come with it in several aspects of the administration. Human Rights as a Tool of Resistance to the Neoliberal State and the New Global Order Countries’ cultures, markets and politics no longer operate with the boundaries but also without and at international levels. One common and complimentary interest to the global order is the concept of neoliberal rule and policies that come with it. There are different stand points from which globalization is contested. During the cold war, it was characterized by localized global conflicts and national struggles became the proxies from which the United States and the Soviet Union fought their wars. Today, the resistance movements are framed, interpreted and attributed to grievances to neoliberal globalization and the institutions that govern it . This is because as the states develop and there is a stronger and higher recognition of human rights, most of the protests are influenced by the national economies and the administrative policies in the country but one way or the other, they are deflected by the new global order. This has seen the

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