Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Management Planning Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Management Planning - Case Study Example This energy service group is the most profitable business that earns the company billions of dollars annually. The company's planning function of management is carefully designed so as to meet the challenges of the company. In its planning management policy, Halliburton has incorporated various issues or aspects for its efficient functioning. This includes Halliburton maintains a core value and provides support on HSE matters as they relate to their business activities3. By maintaining Health safety and Environment, Halliburton's business will grow since they will reduce costs that they could have incurred in treating their workers as well as accidents of company's equipment. Halliburton has investor relation in the companies that it has interests' relations in the companies that it has interests. Halliburton has entered into a definitive arrangement with the shareholders of PSL energy services limited (PSLES) to purchase the entire share capital of the company5. Halliburton maintains good relations with the suppliers of the raw materials used in their sites and plants such a relationship is strategic as it ensures that there is continuity in the time operations and therefore the future uncertainties are well anticipated for. e) With a commitment in providing high quality services to customers, Halliburton requires to develop diverse & global network of qualified suppliers. This is done while keeping suppliers ethics and diversity too. These will provide a supply chain excellence. The supplies are for upstream oil and gas for drilling bits and down holes. __________________ 5. Expansion plans of Halliburton, April 26, 2007, Business wire Community: - Corporate social responsibility policies are those in place to ensure that an organization operating in a given geographical environments gives back as a way to strengthen individuals and the communities by supporting a variety of charitable activities and organization. Emphasis is normally laid upon those actives that involve or relate to employees customers of Halliburton. Such support comes in three main forms viz corporate giving through donations to not for profit

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