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Greek Rationalism and Philosphies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Greek Rationalism and Philosphies - Essay Example Research by different history scholars including Duikar and Andrea, irons out various factors to be responsible for the early golden wisdom. Some of the reasons get related to the religion while other relates to various traditions of the Greece. Medieval philosophy and the scholasticism relies on logical reasoning manifested by ancient Greeks, which had the capability to apply various principles and concepts of different field to come up with solutions and inventions in life2. Rationality and philosophy of the Greek is an extremely imperative subject that should be addressed with considerable concern. It is, therefore, vital that reliable and up to date sources are used. The sources must have data well presented and historical in nature without alteration in favor of the author. It is for this reason that I chose sources such, as Duiker’s world History and Andrea’s Human record, as well as other sources in the reference list. The references offered valid information, wh ich helped me in coming up with a proficient and a well-detailed paper. The ability to read and write is one of the factors attributed to the ancient rationality of the Greeks. This is related to the discovery of Alphabet letter system, which enabled joining of the letters, to form words. This became part of history when ideas could get recorded and be relied on for reference. Buddhism, for instance, neglected reading and writing after some time, until they Developed, Brahmi alphabet. This marked the beginning of their spreading to other parts of Asia from Greece. Alphabets used to date by different people, were invented by the Semites of the Mediterranean coast; not forgetting the Phoenicians and the Hebrews. This was due to natural drawings and practice that later led to representations of consonants as an alternative to words. This was raw ideas and further improvements and modifications were needed. It is at this point that the Greece invented vowels, which could make meaningful words. Reading and writing was, therefore, a common activity to scholars and certain people that enabled developing of ideas and rational thinking. In addition, it facilitated communication while at the same time enabling sharing of ideas by people from different calibers. This further pushed for the earlier rational philosophy in Greece3. The earlier rationalism also gets attributed to involvement in trade by the Greece in the ancient time. Their closeness to Mediterranean ocean for instance facilitated international trade. Moreover, the Greece used the presence of sea winds to motivate trade. Oversea trading enabled interaction with people from different regions a factor, which added more ideas to the Phoenix, which were downright traders and at the same time inventor of alphabets4. The role of religion in the ancient rationality is also not forgotten as it influenced enormously to the general shrewdness. The logics and reasoning from Christian cultural masters, for instance, con tributed to the scholarly nature of the ancient Greece. In their teachings, they differentiated their methods were derived from Greek’s natural reasoning and not from any other source. This could confirm the church Dogma at that time as prime philosophical

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