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Communication Styles Essay Example for Free

Communication Styles Essay What is Communication and Communication Styles? Communication according to Webster Dictionary is defined as a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior (Merriem-Webster). Communication can be verbal and in this day in age text and email. Communication styles are the behaviors in communication that are observed by others. This paper will discuss communication, the four types of communication styles, why communication styles matter and how to improve on them. Four Types of Communication Styles The four types of communication styles include passive, passive aggressive, assertive and assertive. Below you will find the definitions of each: * The Passive Style: Communication is done in an apologetic, timid manner that leads to being disregarded by others. * The Passive Aggressive Style: This style is similar to the passive style in that they hide their real thoughts in feelings but in turn will express these thoughts and feeling indirectly through often negative actions. (e.g. talking behind backs, causing conflicts indirectly, â€Å"getting even† in an indirect manner) (Dr. D. A. Williams and Dr. M. Carey). * The Aggressive Style: This style is characterized by an individual being argumentive, threatening, fighting, and having a tendency to interrupt during conversing. Individuals who communicate in this style have no problems with standing up for themselves and communication just how they feel. * The Assertive Style: This style is the healthiest and most balanced communication style. This style is characterized expression of feelings, self-pride, and self-regard, while at the same time being considerate of others (Dr. D. A. Williams and Dr. M. Carey). Communication styles that can lead to problems are: the aggressive style, the passive style, and the passive-aggressive style (Dr. D. A. Williams and Dr. M. Carey). The disadvantages to the passive communication style you are unable to express your true thought and emotions in the fear of rejection, being misunderstood. These types of communicators often go throughout life feeling out of control, depressed, anxious and little self esteem because they are unable to effectively able to communicate their needs. These types of communicators are often taken advantage of by others because they come off so timid. Those who have an aggressive communication have a tendency to alienate others because of their aggressive style of communication. The aggressive communicator uses belittlement, humiliation, and overall overbearing demeanor to control a conversation and get their message across. Passive aggressive communicators also alienate others. They are often left feeling resentful and powerless because they do not communicate their feelings and allow them to bottle up resulting in anger, stress. Often time’s passive communicators cause conflict with those in their lives because they tend to communicate negative feelings sublimely through their actions. Individual who use an assertive style is far more well adjusted because they have the ability to effectively communicate their thoughts and feelings while considering the feelings of others. Why Do Communications Styles Matter? Having the ability to communicate effectively is very important. The style or way in which we communicate effects the relationships we have throughout life and how others view you. In order to succeed in a career one must be able to communicate effectively. More than ever before, the ability to communicate well determines an employees ability to thrive in todays workplace (Kapusta, M. Ph. D). These people are always in demand (A prime example of this is the recent debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama. During the first debate Romney often interrupted the moderator and the President; he seemed to be communicating in an aggressive style. Those in the media reported that he was not looked upon well by some because of it. Improving Communication Skills In order to improve on your communication styles one must identify your communication style, identify problematic situations, and given you have some areas that could be improved, practice changing your communication skills style (Dr. D. A. Williams and Dr. M. Carey). Many are just not aware of or never even thought about what their communication style is. If you realize that you communicate in a more aggressive style just simply try and be more aware of your tone, body language, and listening skills. If one is educated on this subject and understands the components of all four of the communication styles as with anything else, practice makes perfect. Conclusion As previously stated your communication style can either enhance or negatively affect many aspects of your life. Being able to communicate effectively will avoid conflict and misunderstanding with those around you. Beyond just being aware of your personal communication style and practicing to improve there are several other ways in which you can improve in this area. There are classes available in public speaking and communication and interpersonal skills. So be self aware and ask for feedback from others, your relationships and even your career depends on it. References Dr. D. A. Williams and Dr. M. Carey. 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