Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Evaluate the strategy of Mcdonalds. (A company analysis) Marketing Essay

Evaluate the strategy of Mcdonalds. (A company analysis) Marketing strategy - Essay Example Since the opening of its first store in 1955, the McDonald’s corporation has become extremely sophisticated in most aspect of its business strategy. During the companys’ expansion years which has resulted in the placement of more than 30,000 stores worldwide was the care they employed in choosing their locations. Whether one is a retailer, restaurant owner, financial institution or site dependant business, making intelligent and informed location decisions is critical to a companies’ success. The process of informed and intelligent site selection from a business location is neither happen-stance nor rule of thumb; it now includes such things as, measuring market potential for entry and expansion, setting revenue and market share goals, determination of optimal site development strategy in new markets, understanding critical drivers of site performance and success, identification of what products and services to be offered at a particular location, and determining the most appropriate concept and prototype for a given location. Todd Spangler, in his piece, Keeping the Data Ahead of the Curve, he mentions the methods being used by companies making their location decisions, he points out that; â€Å"Mc Donalds uses geospatial data to scope out locations for new stores, weighing demographic data like population density and income†. (Spangler)

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