Tuesday, September 3, 2019

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Dr. Ozegovic Human Development February 12, 2014 Infancy and Toddlerhood Growth and development for infants and toddlers have been deemed the most crucial time frame for proper development and learning. It is during this time that the body and mind grow, develop, and form very important distinguishing markers that will create the future of the person. In this time, it depends on how the child is taught, and who teaches the child that will decide on what the child will grow up to be. In this paper I will be talking about physical, cognitive, and emotional development. I will be discussing the different ideals that are thought to be the elements that build the child into the adolescent they will become. We will be meeting my son, Tot, who is you average everyday child, except for one point. He has auditory neuropathy. This condition makes him a bit different than other children. He is you everyday normal child, but I feel that the way he has developed is different due to the lack of understand of his condition, and the lack of communication. It in no way h as affected his physical development, but I feel that it has affected his cognitive and emotional development, due the constraints of a language barrier and lack of understanding. Physical Development From birth to being a toddler, the body goes thru several different changes and development stages. The different body parts will grow at different rates. This is described as the cephalocaudal trend, meaning head to tail, Exploring lifespan development pp.93. From the time the child is born the head makes up 25% of the body. By the age of 2 the lower part of the body eventually makes up to be equal to the head. The proximodistal trend is where the center of the torso grows outward... ...or example supports my son emotionally by giving him whatever he wants. He gets candy, and can watch tv at the dinner table. At bedtime, she puts him to bed and lets him watch movies til he falls asleep. My cousin, when she watches Tot, she lets him run around and do whatever he wants. Wake up, go to sleep, bathe, and others. In my home, we don’t watch tv at the table, we have a set bedtime, and we only allow candy at specific times and only as a treat. Looking at the impact of these emotional styles of raising, my son is a crazy child and runs around screaming and laughing when he is with my cousin. The emotional support he gets thought is minimal. He has separation anxiety when he leaves me to go to her house, even though we are strict at my house. Its due to the need children have for stability and knowing a schedule I think. In conclusion,

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