Thursday, September 12, 2019

CAMApplication and Caution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

CAMApplication and Caution - Essay Example eason why traditional care providers are reluctant in suggesting or implementing CAM techniques is because CAM techniques are not proven to be effective for the patient. Secondly these techniques are usually done by non-physicians who do not have knowledge about the treatment they are providing to the people. Different people claim that since these techniques are natural therefore they are not harmful. However different homeopathic drugs are known to cause side effects because of higher alcohol concentration and expiration date problem. It is said that these techniques help the patient in a mental or psychological sense (Gavura, 2011). The lack of promotion does confirm the gap in healing modalities, as when the health care institutes do not promote CAM techniques for the patient who are critical and do not have much chance for survival, then it is certain that the gap between the CAM techniques and healing modalities will increase. If the health care institutes start promoting techniques like acupuncture for the patients who do not show much positive response to the medical treatment and medicine, then they would at least have another chance or the hope for survival. If the patients are not even aware of the treatment options then they will not be aware of the different options they can utilize to in order save their lives or increase the quality of their lives. There are times when the CAM techniques have proved to be better than the other treatments. However the health care staff has not promoted the CAM techniques enough to let the patients know about the possible advantages associated with it. Lack of promotion of CAM techniques is the reason why these techniques are not being used as vastly as the other medical treatments, which is the reason behind the increased gap in healing modalities. There are several benefits associated with CAM techniques and the patients have the right to know about all the treatment options that are available to them, whether they

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