Saturday, August 17, 2019

Ramona and Beezus

Ramona has a very creative imagination but hilariously brings her to many mishaps in school and even at home. She is nine years old and very Jolly who takes things seriously that makes her brain works to create many ideas to solve a certain problem. She has this big sister named Beatrice who is shucked with a nickname Buzzes. According to Ramona, when she was very little and is starting to learn how to speak, she accidentally called Beatrice Buzzes because that's what little children do.They mispronounce words and sometimes get stuck in it. Buzzes and Ramona most of the mime has quarrels and arguments at home. Ramona said that her sister hates her very much because Buzzes calls her a pest. However, Ramona showed great respect for the elders even if they don't listen to what she wants to express and is misunderstood that performs many acts of silliness. Ramona continued her imaginative adventure until a problem in the family gone very far to the extent that their parent's quarrel over small things.What I like most about this movie is that it simply shows what happens at home in reality. Our relationship with our parent's and siblings brings us many memories and lessons in life such as understanding one's emotions, giving comfort, being patient, being kind, and being respectful. In the family, when one doesn't understand another, there'll be quarrelling and arguments which will lead to another problem. This is what I don't want to happen in my own family.Just like Ramona, I want to help my family solve some problems in my own little ways. I want to be productive and not be a problem to them. So, if there's a problem at home, I am really doing my very best to help. I really love Roman's adventures and this inspires me to be sensitive in other people's feelings. The movie also taught me to love my own family no matter what they are and who they are, because the family is the first group of people you can run to in times of trouble/ problem.They are truly God's gift that no other treasures I can compare. Finally, despite of the problems we encounter everyday, we must be like Ramona: Brave and full of Joy. We have to face our problems lightly in order for us to concentrate in seeking possible solutions to it. We have to bear in mind that no problems we can't endure if we only let God help us as what a famous quote says: A family that prays together, stays together.

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