Monday, August 26, 2019

Quality Analysis I Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Quality Analysis I - Essay Example Apple is also involved in the marketing of mobile communication and media devices with other peripherals and associated accessories (Lashinsky, 2012). Among the products produced by Apple Inc., the Apple personal computers have been one of the greatest successes that the organization has made in the past. The Apple Smartphones exhibit a number of qualities that put them way ahead of other competing organizations, within the stiff market arena. The qualities of Apple Smartphones that put them ahead in terms of competition from the many smartphone manufacturers include the unique operating software (OS), which has the ability to resist virus attack. Viruses are some of the greatest concerns of many smartphone users today, most especially in reference to data loss, which is one of the greatest problems that majorities of the users face today. Additionally, Apple Smartphones use very unique software that are never used by any other type of computer system, therefore, preventing the problem of software piracy, ideally, one of the greatest currently in the Information Technology industry (Lashinsky, 2012). In conducting a SWOT analysis for Apple Inc., it is clear that the greatest strength contributing to the organization’s success is innovation. Apple Inc. has been able to create unique products, which have brought the market forward, especially in terms of design and competition (Cruikshank, 2006). With products such as the Smartphones and the iPhones, the organization has been able to bring technology to the mainstream, enabling it build a brand name that beats all the rest in the market arena. Despite such great success, Apple Inc. has one great weakness in terms of its pricing. It is substantively clear that the prices of most of Apple’s products are very exploitative, with a majority of critics arguing that the organization only concentrates in gathering immense wealth in cash terms from its customers, without any little concern for theirs economic status

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