Monday, August 12, 2019

Non Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Non - Essay Example The painting has a symmetrical balance. The characters in the painting get provided with equal weight as the artist appears to have evenly divided the painting into two equal pieces by an imaginary line in the middle of the peace. The characters on each half of the painting also get drawn through the middle of each pane. The artist uses balance to evenly contrast the two emotions of the characters in the painting (Clarke 34). The artist uses a vertical color that divides the piece evenly into two. The artist uses one half to present the happy and smiling character, and the other half he employs to depict the sad character. The artist also employs the use of a curved white line around the hair of the character with a smiling face which assists to further depict the softening effect, pleasing, and sensual quality of the character. The artist uses a variety of color to communicate the emotions represented by the characters in the painting. One half of the painting gets dominated by brig ht colors while the other gets dominated by dark colors. On the character with a smiling face and what appears to be a happy mood, the artist employs the use of white tints of yellow, brown, blue, purple, and black. The use of a variety of tinted colors makes this half of the painting easily striking compared to the other half. ... The use of these shades provides the character with a heavy look. The artist employs the use of diagonal lines on both halves of the painting. On the background of each character, there appear diagonal lines with varying tint and shades. On the background of the happy character, the artist uses cross-cutting diagonal lines of white tint lines of clue. The background of the sad character gets characterized by cross-cutting diagonal lines of brown shade. The use of diagonal lines in the piece by the artist assists to create movement within the picture and thus create varying focal points within the artwork. The artist also draws a balance at the center of the piece by using an almost vertical line that consists of multiple colors of different shades and tints. Through the use of various colors and lines, the artist employs the use of texture throughout the painting. The half with a happy character has a smooth texture. The artist achieves this by using white tint of various colors. The white tint used on this half of the painting provides it with a light feel. The artist also seems to have employed the use of smooth and gentle brush strokes on this half of the painting (Clark 67). The artist also uses straight diagonal lines in the background of the character making this half of the painting to have an overall smooth feel. The use of dark shade on the half with the sad character provides the painting with a rough feel. The dark shade paint used provides a thick feel to this half of the painting. The shade on this half of the piece appears to have gotten created seem to have gotten created out of broad and impulse brush strokes. This provides the sad character with a dynamic and rough feel. Emphasis on the painting is on the contrast of the two characters within

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