Monday, July 29, 2019

The Visual Dimension of Hindu Rituals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Visual Dimension of Hindu Rituals - Essay Example From this paper it is clear that since sacrifices are held in high esteem in Hinduism, the people practicing Hinduism often perform them in special places. It is important to remember to remember that ceremonies and other Hindu rites often happen in temple settings. In doing so, they are often directed towards gods and goddesses, who are given a lot of respect and religious concern among those that practice Hinduism. However, it inasmuch as Hinduism has a lot of sacrifices and rituals, a good number of them are often performed in people’s homes. Perhaps the reason given for it is that not all the rituals and ceremonies done are directed towards the gods and goddesses.   Just like in other religions and cultures, death marks a highly critical moment in Hinduism.This essay discusses that  the reason that makes death a very important element for Hindus is that it brings an end to life. Secondly, death ushers one into a new form of life. In this regard, death is simply a trans ition time that all people have to follow for reaching the other form of life. In celebrating the life of the deceased, Hinduism has special funeral rites that have to be performed, better known as shraddha.  These rituals also referred to as samskaras, because they are important rites of passage for the Hindus. Inasmuch as this form of religion may seem to give much emphasis to sacrifices, it is what makes them unique and separate from other forms of religion and cultures across the world.

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