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Marketing Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Marketing Communication - Essay Example Amongst our clientele, Burberry Plc is one of the leading customers whom we are serving currently and are responsible for handling all their marketing activities within our region for the period running through July to December 2013. Burberry is a fashion brand, established since 1856, mainly dealing in men and women clothing and similar luxurious accessories ( This paper provides a marketing communications report, entailing detailed discussion about the concept of marketing communications and its unfolding role in establishing integrated marketing communications strategy. This report is followed by a marketing communications plan for our denoted client Burberry, stating the objectives that are to be achieved through promotional activities and the corresponding strategies that need to be implemented in order to be successful in achieving goals that were aimed at through these marketing communications. Finally we provide an integrated marketing communications strategy for the client to identify how all marketing elements work together to form the ideal strategy after taking into account implications of environmental and legal issues, sponsorship and role of technology. The paper concludes with recommendations for the retailer which might help it to regain its position in the market as it was in earlier years. MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS REPORT This report mainly focuses on the concept of marketing communications and its powerful role in establishing integrated marketing communications strategy. The contents of report are given as follows: 1. About marketing communications Marketing communication refers to the activities carried out by organizations to spread awareness amongst consumers about their products and convincing them to purchase their goods or services (Keller, 2001). Any form of interaction between a producer and a consumer shall fall under the broad category of marketing communication, provided that the basic intention behind such intera ction is the achievement of organizational objectives. Such interaction will ideally result in a sale and purchase transaction or activity of the company’s product or service (McCarthy, 1978). With help of marketing communication, brand awareness can be enhanced and customer can be convinced to buy the company’s product. Thus, any enterprise’s revenue and profitability will be a direct function of effectiveness of its marketing communications. One of the most commonly used tools for marketing include the 4 C’s of marketing mix which aid the organization to combat against unpredictability of external factors that affect consumer tastes, preferences and capabilities of organization to sell its product. First C denotes the customer who is the primary concern of marketing team since without customer there is no survival possible. Therefore their needs are of utmost importance in devising a strategy and maximizing sales. For this purpose, cost, denoting the se cond C, is essential in determining how customers would perceive the product. High pricing strategies might not be able to grab maximum customers and therefore an optimal balance between cost and quality must be achieved. Convenience refers to the place of sale or market which nevertheless is no longer significant since internet technology and e-commerce facility has enabled companies to be

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