Sunday, June 9, 2019

Penn State Child Abuse Scandal Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Penn State Child Abuse Scandal - Article ExampleThey were aware of the knowledgeable scandal but they took no action. Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier should have reported the matter according to the theory.This article provides in digitation on the modes of handling child abuse cases. For instance, the judgment passed on the article is a warning to other members of the public on the dangers of molesting teenagers. From the case, it is notable that whoever participates in abuse directly or indirectly is liable for punishment (Chappell 1). Criminal investigations should enhance justice regardless of the time it takes the jury to conduct an investigation. Cases of abuse are not new in Pennsylvania but the magnitude of the acts is surprising since they are escalating. This means that the jurys investigation will guide future criminal investigations.The 10 molested teenagers received justice from the courts because of the criminal investigations. Moreover, the victims larn of their civ il liberties as minors. The judgment helped in uplifting the moral standards of the people in Pennsylvania. This means that in the future people will avoid attractive in criminal acts, since the sentencing proved that the jury had devised the best approach to handling cases of child molestation.Severe punitive action taken upon the offenders signified that any form of abuse was a crime in the society. A detailed investigation prior to passing a judgment on a case ensured lividity in sentencing offenders of any form of abuse. Generally, child molestation can be prevented in future when authorities provide children with channels for expressing their views. This can be compound through implementing laws that discourage child abuse in the society. People should be empowered to report on cases that decay morals in the society (Chappell 1). Importantly, there has to be a collaboration of various parties for justice to be delivered in any criminal case. According to the case, failure t o act

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