Thursday, June 13, 2019

Groupware Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Groupware - Essay Example allow us now discuss whether implementing a groupware turns out to be a problem for my organization or not. The lift of the organization, where I work, is United States Air force. I work in the satellite communications department where my job is to supervise wireless radio and satellite systems and equipment sustainment activities. Some of my other core responsibilities include ensuring compliance with maintenance management publications and procedures, inspecting wireless radio/satellite communications activities, employing orbiting communication satellite, line-of-sight, and tropospheric scatter techniques, Installing globe radio, satellite, and telemetry communications equipment, and locating radio frequency interference sources. The organization has recently implemented a groupware to help all departments fulfill their responsibilities in a collaborative manner. If designed and implemented properly, groupware systems are very useful when it comes to s upporting knowledge management (Frost, 2010).The type of groupware, which has been implemented for use by the company, is management information system. Let us discuss this groupware and its advantages and disadvantages for the company. Information is the key to success of any organization. Management information system means management of the information, which is necessary to administer different line of work activities. MIS keeps proper record of all information that is needed to run the business activities effectively. The main task of a management information system is to ensure rake of correct information to the intended receivers of the information. In our company, MIS helps us document the collected information, store the information in appropriate locations, keep track of the information, and provide required information to the concerned departments. Completeness and relevance are also two of the key aspects of a management information system. The users are provided with complete and the

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