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Example Statement of Purpose Teacher

Example Statement of Purpose instructorThe genesis of my intense interest in education, an interest which has now evolved into an aspiration and a pur casing for a c atomic number 18er in the field, happened during my undergraduate studies, while I was a student of humanities. Eventually became the primary motivation for graduate and now for further Studies in statement Language, Culture Teaching at YORK University. My desire of further study in Education is derived from the need of our the great unwashed and their welfare. Since 2003, once I completed my MSc in psychology choose the profession of teaching as a career. I started teaching in a secondary school where I was able to help oneself students in their studies of psychology related subjects. I use to meet the students parents and try to find out how to make a healthy relationship between students and parents. As I believe on continuous learning when ever there is as prospect either to learn new strategies or any pick out of teachers training found my self engaged in it.It always fascinated me to help people to improve their Education standards, life style and comfort them by provision of my expert opinion and guidance for them through my education and experience. I strongly believe that MEd Education is exactly the sort of qualification required though which improvement of the Education standard of communities through education substructure be achieved. It is also an effective tool to promote the awareness about fundamental issues, and facilitate look into to find different methods of teaching. It is to improve the education and well being of people with in the local communities and across the nation and different civilizations. It helps to facilitate people who are not fortunate enough to acquire the fruitful education system and well being.Education Language, Culture and teaching are an exciting and festering field of study. The field challenges its masters to confront complex teaching me thods, such as improvements access of education, and strong emphasis on the study of strategies to improve individuality with end attention to the cultural context. With the help of this degree I may seek to acquire or extend my knowledge and skills in early intervention (0 3 years), preschool programming (0 5 years), family services and public policy for children and families. Education studies are a diverse and dynamic field. As professionals come from varying educational ambits and can specialize in different fields. It is a very popular field geared toward serving others. These professionals then can better serve local, national, and international communities. They are leaders who meet the many exciting challenges in protecting the bad affects on study today and in the future. Not only for wellbeing and it is a rewarding field as well. The field of education offers great personal fulfillment working towards improving education standards and be able to educe the learners t he right way.YORK University of Toronto has the richest environment of latest facilities, courses and research facilities available. Making this degree from York University is the intimately urgent priority in my life. I became aware of Universitys Education programe and the degree that university offers extend exactly what I need and the goals in my professional carrier which I ask to achieve. I regard this degree as a tool which go forth help me to make best changes in society and economy. Attending the degree is a major step preparing for a bright successful future in the Teaching. It is right time to start something innovative and to reach new goals in my life.The purpose to apply for a place at your university is precisely to acquire the foresight of knowledge and sophistication of methodology to attain a superior level of expertise by way of strict training. In my previous academic background I build done my undergraduate study. I majored in psychological science because I have a keen interest in psychological disorder. I attained my undergraduate degree form Punjab University Lahore. I was outstanding both at academic courses and extracurricular activities. I wasamong the best five in a class of 25. I acted as the assistant to the editor-in-chiefof the school literary newspaper. I am also in-charge of Student First Aid.During my Graduate Study in Psychology from Punjab University, I was among the best 5 in a class of 20. But at that time I begin to feel my needs for self-development in Psychology are not being satisfied because of the lack of necessary latest equipments and facilities available for research and development in this field. The lack of the latestcollection of books on psychology and researches facilities in our library also affected my systematic research. After postgraduate, I have completed different case studies on EducationalPsychology, on social Psychology and Muslim psychology. I also made a notebook on statistical psychology.D uring my Postgraduate study I visit squirt House Mental Hospital, Lahore and different Psychiatry department for taking the case history and research findings. After finishing my graduate study in 2002 I start teaching in TheEducators School Lahore which is the project of Beacon house school system Pakistan. I teach mathematics and science and psychology subjects. straightaway I am doing a job in The Lyceum as pre school teacher.During teaching, my achievements are as followingIn 2004 I was appointed as the leader of school Teaching. On this post, I make term-based teaching plan, organize discussion andassessment, and coordinate testing.I won the title Excellent Young Teacher awarded by The Educatorsfor the years 2004, and 2006 respectively.I also have a title of the good teacher prohibiting the Parents complaintsThe education is a field that offers an abundance of job opportunities to suit a variety of interests and skills. Whether you are more interested in crunching numbers, co nducting research, or working with people, there is a place for you in the field of Education. Recent college graduates and those that have been in the field for years have something to offer and to gain in this field. It is ideal for those that gain satisfaction knowing that they are working to improve the lives of others. at once graduate the professionals can work in both public and private sector organizations. Many graduates find work in public sector in local, state, or federal teaching institutes. Also the jobs available are at different schools, day care center or pre-school. Another great opportunity Is to avail the opportunity of working as researchers. Those interested in working for a non-profit organization can find jobs in NGO or research for organizations, or a local non-profit that focuses on specific Educational issues.Achievements cant quench my thrust for self improvement my personal desire is to always go further. This study at your university does help me to fin d innovative ways to accomplish my goals and to realize my full potential in every aspect of my future professional carrier. I want to approach my carrier with the best possible qualification and study at your institute is essential to such development.Making this degree is the most urgent priority in my life. I became aware of University programmes that you offer. The degree fit exactly what I needed and the goals in my professional carrier which I want to achieve. I regard this degree as a tool which will help me to make best changes in society and economy. Attending the degree is a major step preparing for a bright successful future in the social world. It is right time to start something innovative and to reach new goals in my life. I had chosen this option and this carrier goal is based on my skills, interests and carrier possibilities. I always set up my carrier goals high enough. My ultimate goal is to be a professional and a better human being .I shall be thanking full to yo u for your kind consideration.

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