Saturday, June 22, 2019

DQ1 CK and DQ2 DW Comment to peer Response Sec1w9 Assignment

DQ1 CK and DQ2 DW Comment to peer Response Sec1w9 - Assignment ExampleQuilts did not qualify for copyright protection because its purpose was functional. I agree with you that quilts are considered a part of womans history in America. There is definitely artistic talent associated with quilt making. The terms of copyright protection in the United States are standardized. As a general rule, for works created after January 1, 1978, copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus an additional 70 eld (Copywright, 2010).In your response you mentioned how copyright have evolved over the years. As you stated in your response copyrights have gotten to the production phase instantly. The application of copyright today includes many things including music CDs, movie DVDs, books, and website among others. Piracy is a huge problem that is hurting copyright protection in todays economy. Piracy understructure be defined as an unauthorized reproduction or use of a copyright book, re cording, television program, patented invention, or trademark product (Dictionary, 2011). A country that is breaking a lot copyright laws is China. It is hard or virtually impossible for American companies or the government to do anything about the plagiarisation explosion in China. Back in the 19th century when quilting was very popular in America nobody could foresee how technological advances were handout to change the world. A quilt is a treasure which follows its owner everywhere (Klein,

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