Friday, June 14, 2019

A new technology that is revolutionizing the healthcare with examples Essay

A new engineering science that is revolutionizing the healthcargon with examples from journals or magazines - Essay ExampleRecently, hospitals around the world have escalated the use of three-D printer technology in medical activities ranging from 3-D printing of an entire skull to rehearsing extremely complex surgeries. With the aid of 3-D printing technology, a group of researchers in US and china has printed various models of tumors which are cancerous to assist in the discovery of anti-cancer drugs. 3-D printing technology has also helped doctors in the understanding of how tumors grow, spread and more importantly, what reach the tumors to develop (Ventola, 2014).With 3-D printing, cell analysis is considerably easy. Cell analysis is done by fabricating cells. Cell fabrication involves protecting cells with hydrogel for analysis. Essentially, when cells are in the body, they are never two-dimensional. As a result, they lose a lot of functionalities when they are placed on a fl at dish for analysis. To protect cells from losing their functionality, they are localise in hydrogel and then the structures of the cell are printed using 3-D technology. With these structures, analysis of cells is considerable accessible which make it easy to diagnose complicated ailments (Ventola, 2014).In conclusion, with this technology, feeling health care can be guaranteed. Many medical institutions and governmental agencies today have fully understood the benefits that are derived from the use of this technology. This paper has discussed 3-D printing as the new technology that is revolutionizing health

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