Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Many Sides of Odysseus throughout the Epic story of the Odyssey Essay

The Many Sides of Odysseus throughout the Epic story of the Odyssey - Essay ExampleIn for each one and every adventure that befalls Odysseus we see variant facets of his character and his wanderings are seen as stages in develop manpowert of humanity as a whole. We learn close to ourselves through Odysseus while realizing that each stage of our life is a learning exercise we live as we learn.The Odyssey, a tale of Odysseus journey back home after long years at contend is also the tale of his spiritual journey through his own soul. As Odysseus leaves Troy for home, he is the characteristic bloodthirsty warrior. He leaves Troy feeling almost immortal and this pride is what leads to his downfall. In the course of his journey, Odysseus undergoes a symbolic death and rebirth and in the end becomes an epic hero regaining power oer his household and has restored order to his life. Upon his arrival in Ithaca, it is evident that he has become a wiser man- more subdue and more respectful .Homer skillfully inter-relates adventures, feelings and experiences of his characters. The vivid description and expressive language make the reading perceivable to any age and social group. Even though the story is mythical, filled with ghosts, monsters and giants, the main themes can be interrelated with todays issues of scheming, cunning, struggle for survival, raceNew facets of Odysseus character are revealed through each of his adventures. After Odysseus and his men depart from Troy, they land in Ismara. After looting the city Odysseus wisely tells his men to board the ships quickly, but they pay no heed and the next morning, the crew is attacked by the Ciconians. Odysseus manages to escape with disunite in his eyes for his lost crew. But Odysseus, clutching his flaring sea-blue cape in both powerful hands, draw it over his head and buried his handsome face He does not disclose his identity to the Ciconians presentation that he is capable of thinking ahead of his opponent displaying his superior

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