Saturday, May 25, 2019

Term Paper, Rizal

TO THE YOUNG WOMEN OF MALOLOS AN ESSAY BY DR. JOSE P. RIZAL (TERM PAPER) PATRICK JAMES D. CLEMENTE MC21 A woman, what is a woman? Woman plays a very important usance in our society. They are the light of the family, the one who is responsible for the acts of their children, the first teacher of each and every child. But what do you think will happen to a country if almost every woman is acting like a slave? Being manipulated? Believes in fake sancity and no power by themselves?If that is the case, indeed what would they be? They would be a big failure. Once in the history of the Phillipines, there is a man who idleed the eyes of each and every women.. it was load Rizal. He did it by the way of sending a message to our country women.. Jose Rizals legacy to Filipino women is embodied in his famous see entitled, To the new-fashioned Women of Malolos, where he addresses all kinds of women mothers, wives, the unmarried, etc. and expresses everything that he wishes them to keep in m ind. To the Young Women of Malolos was written by Rizal when he was in London, in response to the request of Marcelo H. del Pilar. The essay was originally written in Tagalog then later on translated to English. The essay contains inspirational messages for the women of our country. It also points out, almost everything about the issue of mistreating the women in our country. Rizal wrote the essay to open up the eyes of our country women. That essay has been a big breakthrough for the women in the Phillipines.It served as their stepping stones in obtaining their goals. It helped them see what they are missing, thir flaws and almost everything. Like for congressman is why do they believe on everything the friars have told them. Rizal wrote the essay very smooth and enough for the women of our country to see what is really happening and what should be done. On the essay To the Young Country Women of Malolos, Rizal dug out a lot of issues about our country, and what is happening to th e women in out country.A lot of issues were discussed and some of it was The rejection of the spiritual consent of the friars not all of the priests in the country that time embodied the true spirit of Christ and His Church. Most of them were corrupted by lay desires and used worldly methods to effect change and force discipline among the people, especially to the mothers. A lot of mothers had been completely manipulated by the friars, if the mothers were manipulated it also means that their children will also be affected. some other thing that Rizal pointed out

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