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Religious belief system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Religious belief system - Essay ExamplePerceptive on theism, philosophy, spirituality, and some other beliefs are similar and dissimilar from what angiotensin converting enzyme considers of religion, can assist a lot in understanding the religion. Few points out where the outer borders of religion exist, whereas some assist to identify with what religion fundamentally comprises.The Baptists are one of the major denominations of protestant and form 35 million members globally. They differentiate themselves from Protestants mainly on their firmness on baptism of adult believers only they are concerned of the exemption of speech and conscience and freedom from interferences they give dominance to Scripture in matters of faith, doctrine, and morals and the authority they give to congregation in church service affairs.The precursors of present day Baptists were the Anabaptists - members of a radical movement of the 16th-century rehabilitation which believed in the dominance of the Bib le, in baptism as an external witness of the believers personal covenant of inner faith, and in separation of church from state and of believers from nonbelievers - of the reformation period. Few Anabaptist worshippers were settled in Holland in the early 17th century when large number of prude Independents, escaped from England to Holland. These Puritans were influenced by the Anabaptists, and were persuaded that Christian baptism was correct only for adults with a personal faith and commitment. After waiver back to England, this group formed the first Baptist worshippers in 1611.According to Baptists beliefs the Christian lives are as one of individual faith and of solemn commitment to live in accordance with the highest Christian principles. Hence severally individual must be reborn, renewed into a new life, and get together into the church community. As a matter of fact for Baptists, the church is in essence the result of change and of refinement, a club of dedicated advocate s. In fact the church is holy only when the belief

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