Sunday, May 12, 2019

Islamic Law and the Modern World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Muslim Law and the Modern World - Essay ExampleThesis statement The Muslim Law is little(prenominal) important in the innovative world because the same does non support democratic ideology, limits individual freedom, less secular, hijacks politics, manipulates economics, against modernity, and limits basic human rights within religious teaching.The concept of res publica envisions equal opportunity for all within national boundary. Besides, democracy is in all against the influence of royal families and religions groups over national politics. This is important for a modern state because democracy allows equal opportunity to all citizens. On the other side, an individuals religions belief determines his/her worth and rights in an Islamic nation. To be specific, the laws related to Islam limits the scope of democracy within Islamic nations. For instance, the Islamic nations never allow democracy within national politics because democracy allows citizens to choose their governme nt. Fatima Mernissi (2009, p.16) states that, The pouring of peck onto the streets during the Gulf War, their calling for democracy, passed unnoticed in the Western media. But some nations (Muslim majority) try to inculcate democracy within the mainstream society, known as Islamic democracy. For instance, some secular nations like Turkey try to specify Islamic principles to inculcate democracy into the society. Still, this is not an easy task because Islamic principles, especially Sharia, be not in favor of democratic thought. Similarly, some other Islamic nations, like Pakistan, are not totally against democracy because Islamic law is not the one and only law in these nations. So, one cannot seemingly blame Islam for the less scope of democracy within nations because the political elite and religious elite classes are responsible for the same. On the other side, the religious fundamentalist groups are in favor of the strict slaying of laws related to Islam.

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