Friday, May 3, 2019

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

resource Fuel vehicle - Essay ExampleGlobal private sector and government vehicle fleets are the main users of choice vehicles and discharges, but, in the modern world today, consumers are intensively interested in use of alternative fuels and fuel vehicles. Environmentalist and ecological scientist agree that, alternative fuels and sophisticated vehicles rather than conventional cars and fuels aid the world shorten petroleum consumption, and emissions for fuel combustions and vehicles. Using Monroe motivated sequence form of argument the paper will analyse alternative fuel vehicles, their economic, technological and ecological benefit to both consumers and the government in a world(a) arena. Discussion Alternative fuel cars or vehicles are vehicles that use alternative fuel such as galvanicity, alcohol and natural gas instead of other traditional petroleum products (diesel and gasoline). Any railway locomotive piteous strategy does not utilize petroleum products, (Wheeler, 20 08). The percentage of light-duty cars is predicted to increase by 2030 therefore, need to seduce ecologically friendly and low fuel consumption vehicles are increasing. Enhancing the efficiency of vehicles is the only effective carriage to lower dependence on petroleum and improve environmental and public health security. Environmentalist and nix commission present construed that enhancing vehicle efficiency is not enough. Therefore, the world and the car industry must accent on enhancing their use of alternative fuel vehicles and fuels such as electricity, alcohol and other renewable sources. Alternative fuel cars offer increasingly impressive advancements in the fuel commercial. Similarly, alternative fuel cars that combine inbred spunk engine of a car convention with an electrical motor can attain or so two times the conventional cars fuel economy, (Carson & Vaitheeswaran, 2007). The system of energy storage maintains the energy to move the electric motor, for instance, batteries are most popular choices of energy storage in alternative fuel cars. Additionally, researchers are distillery under investigation to develop other options for storing energy. Experts agree that various increased fuel taxes in distinguishable parts of the world (such as Europe), strict environmental laws (such as California environmental laws) and increased chances of advertize restrictions on emission of greenhouse gases, operations on alternative systems of power for heavy fleet vehicles have become a main concern for manufacturers of vehicles and governments across the globe. Other compelling factors behind AFV manufacture admit increased need to promote healthcare safety and other economic benefits, (American Petroleum Institute & worldly concern Resources Institute, 1990). Modern research and development mainly focus on AFV machines run by internal ignition and electric energy, (California & California, 2009). Alternative fuel cars minimize smog-forming contaminan ts through efficient locomotion, but because their internal ignition engine they produce minimal emissions. Similarly, increasing gas costs, environmental pollution and advanced techniques are the main modify factors to the rising popularity for safe fuels for hybrid vehicles. This is because alternative fuel cars by far, supersede fossil fuel by running on hydrogen, electric power, ethanol and related renewable alternatives. Alternative fue

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