Monday, April 29, 2019

Team and Group Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Team and Group report - Essay ExampleThe word group refers to a collection or crowd of people who pay off something in common, for instance they know each other(a), they have a common interest or because of every gender, sex or other similarities. Furthermore, most groups are headed by a leader to whom everyone in the group is responsible to and the groups goal is actually one furnished by the leader. On the other hand, a team is a collection of people who have specific roles in the team and who arrive at together in order to achieve certain specific goals. The members of a team are accountable to each other and to the group (Parco, 2007). There are several differences between a team and a group. For instance, groups are easier to form than teams, because teams needed internal structures and the careful selection of members in order for goals to be achieved. separate differences include the fact that in teams everyone contributes in decision-making and problem-solving, while i n a group the leader dictates everything, in a team, there are shared responsibilities and decisions are made through a consensus, while in a group, the leader is in charge of everything and makes every decision, which have to be followed by the group members, in a team, every team members view point is considered, while in a group only the team leaders view point is considered important.

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