Monday, April 22, 2019

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Rhetorical Analysis - Essay ExampleThis raise will judge Obamas linguistic communication according to the principles of rhetoric ethos, pathos, logos and mythos to show that a speech with no app arnt political motive (motive as distinct from purpose) can still be worthy of rhetorical study. Ethos, the (usually introductory) part of speech which convinces the audience of the speakers moral potence on the subject to be addressed, has been under argue for at least hundreds of years the question is whether ethos can be established before the speech, if a speakers moral character, if known to the audience, has some effect on the audiences reception to what they say (Hyde, ix). The debate is purely academic, however, because Obamas position as President of the United States means that he will generally be accepted as an authority wherever he chooses to speak. At the time, his great interest in the reformation of healthc atomic number 18 and health restitution made his appearance in f ront of the ANA even more relevant. Obamas ethos is, as always, evident in cardinal parts. Firstly, his casual announcement of somewhat specious facts it is an honor to speak to the ANA, representing more than three million registered nurses crossways the country present phr geniussis, as do his declaration of personal experience with nurses (which I will address under pathos). However, this is jeopardized slightly by his obvious lack of specialized knowledge on nursing. Moral excellence, or arete, is mostly to be discerned from the Presidents work previous to this speech, but is also rein impeld in the large nerve centre section which discusses his recent achievements in the field of health insurance, in which the Democratic party and progressive Americans are portrayed as a force of good against the abusive insurance industry. Eunoia is a powerful force in this speech, as Obama begins with personally thanking a member of the audience and congratulating her mother on her daug hters achievements he continues with a joke (I dont break promises to nurses because you never know when Im going to need a shot), which was genuine with laughter by the audience. He humanizes himself by talking a contest himself as fallible during the birth of matchless daughter and the serious childhood illness of another. The speech is peppered with individuals, and Obamas thanks for these people the ending note is one of praise for the strong women and men who endure tough stressful exhausting and thankless jobs to help gloomy people. The audience is very much brought over to Obamas side by his goodwill and even flattery. This brings me to the second smell of rhetoric pathos. I see great evidence of pathos in Obamas speech his appeals to emotion are frequent and often personal, as evident in many of his public appearances (Coop, 41). The video clip of the speech shows his great passion for less discrimination in healthcare, and his words contribute to this emotion. The s tories of Obamas family one daughters birth and anothers bout of meningitis as a three-month-old are calculated to flatter every member of the union for being a nurse, not to thank the small number of nurses who attended to his family in times of need. Obama refers to the nurses who

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