Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Make own topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Make own topic - show ExampleRecycling has been used by many modern environmentalists as a tool of ware management (Short, 2004, 21).However despite all the benefits that are associated with cycle I would wish to say that this is non the best idea to end the problem of garbage disposal. Understand the behavior of human beings we can not only rely on recycling as the measure to manage garbage disposal. People ordain keep consuming from time to time which has the implication the garbage disposal go out continue to be there so long as what to be consumed is available (Short, 2004, 22). The reason as to why am saying this is because recycling has lowered the cost of production in many manufacturing plants. This has on the other choke resulted to low cost of consumer products which are packed with non-degradable materials. The outcome of this is that, more and more garbage continues to be habituated instead of getting reduced (Rogers, 2002, 60).Every economy in the world is singi ng the music of sustainable development. I feel that having sustainable development will not only be achieved by recycling the waste materials. We need to use the already available raw materials in a manner that will ensure their existence without getting exhausted. Many business enterprises have taken the advantage of recycling as it is a cheap way of making consumer goods (Pellow, 2000, 230). The cheaper products which are made through recycling are pertinacious for short time before they lose their value. This has increased the rate of consumption since for an individual satisfy his need or wants must use plenty of that product. This in turn has led to increased garbage disposal as the waste from recycled products is also increasing. As the garbage disposal increase most county councils are reluctant to transport these materials to the respective places for recycling. Therefore, for economies to achieve sustainable development, the stakeholders should change their mind

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