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Group work British Airline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Group race British Airline - Essay ExampleBritish Airways Vision and Strategies The vision of British Airways is to emerge as the leading international premium airline through break the globe. British airways has come up with several strategies towards the effect of this long term vision. The organisation is committed to achieve the same through efficient cost arse and its focus on the excellent customer service (UBS, n.d., p.2). All these would decide how quickly the airline would be able to revive from the recent economic downturn. Moreover, these significant strategies would help the organisation to establish a sustainable as wholesome as economic future for its business by benefiting its employees, partners, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. In the glide path years, the airline company would remain its focus on the aviation labor. The core business would remain on moving people and cargo. The airline company would offer to attract the customers from crosswis e the globe. They want the people across the globe to wish to fly with British Airways whenever it is possible. The company has come up with few significant strategic goals which the organisation would strive to attain and wish to be. British Airways aims to be desired carrier for the long gimmick premium customers. The organisation has identified the long-haul premium customers, key to its profitability. The organisation tries to align its product, service and network fit in to customers requirements. Furthermore, the carrier would also keep its strong presence in cargo service and short-haul segments. All these sectors fly the coop a crucial role to support the core business of this organisation. British Airways is looking forward to its lengthiness in other cuties. However, at the same time, the company works to gain and sustain its leading touch in London. The city is seemed to be its financial centre of its business as this is one of the biggest airline industry across the globe. It is very crucial for British Airways to ensure that Heathrow remains as a crucial planetary hub. As a consequence, the airline company has been influential to influence the government decisions regarding the relevant policies as well as works along with the airport owners to elapse on the infrastructural development activities (British Airways, 2010). The drive for extension worked out well with the merging of British Airways and Iberia. Joining with Iberia would fetch total revenue of $ 18.5 billion placing it third across the Europe. With this consolidation, the group has given a tight competition to Air France KLM and Germanys Deutsche Lufthansa AG (Rothwell, 2011). British Airways would continue to satisfy the requirements of its customers and enhance the margins through the introduction of new revenue streams in the business. The group would be introducing profitable additional operate to the customers which would add value and strengthen this leading brand. The new products and services would be introduced to enforce its assets and organisational capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the core customers, which would, in turn, enhance the customers loyalty. British Airways also communicates with the travel agents to understand the new services offered by the competitors (Perreault, 2006, p.284). Analysis of Internal Environment Financial Analysis The

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