Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Newly Proposed Copyright Law in Germany :: Music Copyrights Ethics Essays

The fresh Proposed Copyright Law in GermanyUp to now procure laws are heterogeneous throughout Europe, even amongst the member nations of the European Union. For example, in the UK manufacturers of memorializeing and duplication hard- and software are not charged a topple per sold unit that goes to an association representing the body of copyright owners while in most other European countries this fee exists. In order to lay down a more homogeneous business environment the European fantan passed new regulatory boundaries for copyright laws that now have to be modify into national law by all member nations1. Currently, Germany is in the abut of doing so and the government proposed a new law that raises a draw poker of protest from different organizations. Among them are various universities, the Chaos Computer unify 2 and Ver.di 3. Together they represent a wide spectrum of the body of consumers. position quo of copyright in GermanyThe copyright law as it is active immediat ely in Germany does not only protect the rights of the owner of content, but alike those of the content consumers. Its purpose is to economic consumption as a mediator among the two parties, serving both as a protection against buc give the sackeering and an enabler of fair use.A central aspect of fair use is the orphic copy of content. The consumer is allowed to make copies of any content he legally possesses, disregarding of the type of content or the media that conveys it. For example it is perfectly legal to record radio or television broadcast, make a copy of your best-loved CD for use in a car, or encode it as MP3 to load the songs on a MP3 player, Software or movies on DVDs can be copied for back up purposes in case the original media gets destroyed.Schools and Universities know special freedoms. Without special authorization of the content owners they are allowed to reproduce or show any content they legally own for educational purposes. thus far though lectures at universities and schools are open to the public.Libraries have the duty, by law, to bear on as much content as possible and make it kindly to the public. Buying content once entitles libraries to make the purchased copy available to the public. The function of libraries is not restricted print media, it also includes audio and video.The proposed new copyright lawIn important points, the proposed law is quite similar to the DMCA in the United States.

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