Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Senior Paper

Wo hands in Islam deplete little access to program line. In many beas girls are often taken out of tame when they hit puberty. (listserv). When boys and girls are in third grade they are able to go to the same school save after that, they are unable to do so. (listserv) In nigh parts if Islam the girls piece of asst be taught by a man after a certain age because it has a negative impact on girls education. (listserv) musical composition few progress has been made, wo hands are still struggling to be successful. Literacy order among young Islam women are extreme low. Only 18 percent of women amongst 15 and 24 can read.The total number of children enrolled in radical schools is increasing rapidly, but the percentage of female students is not Women can do some of the same jobs that men can do. Sometimes women can in reality do jobs improve than men in particular jobs. In Islam men believe that they should soak up more right to jobs than women. (The True Clash of Civilian s). hit force and women should share equal responsibility. They might not be identical duties, but the totality of rights and responsibilities are balanced. The Quern says, Women have the same rights as are pass judgment in all decency from them, while men stand a ill-treat above them. Sure 2228) In Islam, the alee and importance of women in society and the true measure of their success as military personnel beings, is metrical with completely different criteria. And their obedience to Him, and fulfillment of the duties He has entrusted them with. In Islam Women have strong beliefs in being leaders. That being said, Islam is a practical religion, and responds to human needs and life situations. Many women need or wish to work for various reasons. For example, some women may want to be mayor in their country or district. Some men in Islam believe that men make better political leaders than women. (listserv).When Prophet Mohammad was alive he allowed his women to take on powerful leadership positions. But, after his death, the role of women in society became very hard to maintain. The role of women in Islam is difficult to maintain. in that location are many different areas of Islam and different interpretations of the Curran verses, which place the role in Islamic societies in different ways. Like I said onwards women can do a good of a job as men especially when they have a leadership job. Knowing that women have little access to education, there are some solutions and steps we can take to slowly change the outcome of women.Many societies including some Muslim societies play along to exercise this manner in different forms such as the defense team to education. Education is also highly competitive and in our country with coating so important, all children are encouraged to study hard in school and do well at a university level in order to be successful. Muslim girls are encouraged to work towards college education as much as Muslim boys. Some Muslims dont believe in allowing their daughters to go to school. But if Muslim girls just worked hard or still harder then maybe their parents can see that they are trying to better homeless.They dont allow them to learn to read, to participate in debates, to pursue their Master degrees, to watch over in their respective careers, and to make something of their lives. Not being able to do something makes someone want to do it more, so the girls must work unornamented hard to prove that they can too succeed. Three-quarters of the 1 00 million flock are unable to read or write in the Arab countries, which are aged between 15 and 45 years old. But for some women of Islam, that doesnt stop them. Many Muslim women have to cope with the challenges of working in a non-Muslim environment.All women have been exposed to the workplace at some situation in their lives can fully grasp the reasons why working exterior the home is an enormous problem, particularly for Muslim women.

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