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Norman Mailers An American Dream: The Character of Steven Rojack :: essays papers

Nor homosexual Mailers An American Dream The Character of St steady RojackIn almost both genre of literature there is the authorisedantagonist, and the classic protagonist. When examining these fibers, there argon certain guidelines which authorsfollow. However, there atomic number 18 times in literature when theclassic guidelines are broken, and a new prototype emerges.Contemporary writer Norman Mailer broke the mold of the classiccharacter(s) when writing the novel, An American Dream. In AnAmerican Dream, there is no set protagonist or antagonist. Infact, Mailer has taken these two separate identities and mergedthem into one character. The product is the main character ofthe novel, Steven Rojack. Throughout the novel the readerisnt sure if they want him to succeed, or fail. This is cod toRojacks ever-changing personality. He first seems like theperfect man, a ornament war hero who knows all the rightpeople. However, shortly after this cast is made anotheris formed. He murders his wife in cold rake and lies to thepolice, claimi ng she committed suicide. As the novelcontinues however, Rojack realizes the horror of his crime and evenconfesses what he has done to a woman he loves. Due to the realization of his crime, he is redeemed in the eye of the reader.From this point on, the reader wants Rojack to succeed. However,in the beginning final judgement can be passed, it is imperative that Rojacks broad(a) character be explored.Steven Rojack is first introduced as a prominent man in societywho becomes recognized due to his decoration in militaryservice. Through this service he became close with many famouspoliticians, goofball Kennedy being one. It is through Jack thatRojack meets his first wife, Deborah, a woman who he reportswould be bored with a diamond as big as the Ritz (1) Afterserving a term in Congress, he and Deborah marry.Unfortunately, the relationship they have is one in whichDeborah has full control. As he continues to describe therelationship with his wife it is often filled with bittermemories. He remembers difference to parties where she wouldcompare his worth to that of another mans. It is from thisthat a bitter plague stems towards Deborah. Finally, afterseven years of marriage, they separate. However, after theseparation, Deborahs needs are still covered by Steven, who isnow a college professor and the legions of a popular TV show. Inaddition to this Deborah main tains a close contact with him,seeing him whenever she desires.

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