Tuesday, March 19, 2019

My Goal of Teaching Essay -- College Admissions Essays

To state that my intention is to become a teacher in the primary grades of elementary indoctrinate is somewhat like writing a one-sentence synopsis of an intricate and terrific dream. In Websters Dictionary the word goal is defined as A demo towards which effort or movement is directed the objective point or terminus that one is striving to reach the end aimed at. In each of the definitions the aim of the goal is stagnant. My goal of teaching feels much much like a living thing. I would define it more as a journey than a goal. I do not return a time when I was not interested in befitting a teacher. Although I followed a different career path when I was young, I never let go of my dream to teach. For various reasons it was pushed to the covert of my consciousness and seemingly forgotten. But for the past seventeen years, since the birth of my first of all child, my life has been intertwined with children and my desire to teach has been rekindled. I started out working with my suffer children. As they grew so did I. My interaction with kids progressed to include their new friends and ult...

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