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Fillmore, Millard (1800-1874), 13th president of the United States (1850-1853) and the insurgent vice president to finish the term of a deceased president. He succeeded Zachary Taylor at a critical moment in United States history. The Mexican War (1846-1848) had renewed the conflict between the Northern and Southern states oer slavery, since it had added new territories to the United States. The debate over whether these territories should be admitted as unloosen or slave states precipitated a crisis that threatened civil war. Much to the hiatus of Northern and Southern politicians, Fillmore pursued a moderate and conciliatory policy. He signed into police force the Compromise of 1850, which admitted one territory as a free state and allowed slave owners to settle in the others. This compromise did not solve the basic problem of slavery but did preserve heartsease for nearly eleven old age. During that time the North gained the industrial power that enabled it to conquer the S outh when civil war eventually came.Fillmore was born in upstate New York in 1800. He was the second child and eldest news in a family of nine. His parents, Nathaniel and Phoebe Millard Fillmore, had go from Vermont to New York several years before his birth. Young Fillmore did chores on his fathers farm, worked as an apprentice in the clothiers trade, and go to local drills irregularly until he was 17. Although the only phonograph records in his home were the Bible, an almanac, and a hymnbook, Fillmore managed to educate himself with the help of a village schoolteacher, Abigail Powers.When he was 19, Fillmore began to study law with Judge Walter Wood of Cayuga County. He supported himself by teaching school. When his family moved to east Aurora, near Buffalo, New York, Fillmore continued his study of law and his teaching. In 1823 he opened a law office in East Aurora. Three years later he married Abigail Powers. The couple had cardinal children, Mary Abigail and Millard Power s. In the early years of their marriage, Mrs. Fillmore continued to teach school and to help her husband with his law studies.In 1826, the year Fillmore was married, an incident in western New York set him on the road to the presidency. When William Morgan, a causation member of the Masonic fraternal order who had written a book that claimed to expose the orders secrets, disappeared, the rumor spread that he had been murdered by avenging Masons.

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