Sunday, March 17, 2019

Love And Loss Essay -- English Literature

go to bed And LossI chose to discuss get it on and loss as these were two strong emotionsthat have a bun in the oven occured in my breeding. They be both in truth different but alsosimilar in a way.The two poems I felt dealt with love and loss the go around were TheThickness Of Ice by Liz Loxley and Remember by Christina Rossetti.I chose these poems as the thoughts reflected and the experiencesincluded relate very much to my own life and views.The Thickness of Ice by Liz Loxley is a well structured, modern poemwhich refers to how strong love can be but how it can also be thecause to end a relationship. It shows how couples need more than loveto keep them together.Ice is a metaphor for a relationship. The persona uses this to showhow it can be strong and can hold in pressure but can just as easilythaw, get around and eventually break.Also, the persona uses visual metaphors such as thickness (stanzatwo) and fineness of ice. One representing a possible long lastingrelationshi p, and the other representing how easily it can illuminate apart.This poem portrays loss as in a couple going their separate ways.Remember by Christina Rossetti is a pre-1900 sonnet which deals withlife after the death of a loved one. It is a request from the poet onwhat to do and how to feel after her death. The persona is young, andthe life expectancy of a young person in Victorian times was not veryhigh compared to modern society. This suggests the persona may bedying which could be the reason she felt she should write her requestsdown for her partner.Rossetti led a spiritual lifestyle which is evident from many of herpoems and sonnets. For example, in this particular sonnet, she applieseuphenisms to sound slight harsh. She ... ...s and experiences. I definitely learnt through my mistakesand will always have regrets. I felt the theme expressed the poetspoints clearly. This poem was different to the sonnet as it concentrate oninfatuation and a breakup whereas the sonnet focus ed on eternal love,even after the death of one of the partners. I enjoyed Remember as Ifelt it stated what I respect for my loved ones when I am gone. It waswell written and Rossettis thoughts were expressed beautifully. erotic love is considered eternal and memories will never fade, but life hasto go on, whether you have discontinued a relationship or a partnerhas passed on. You shouldnt fall in love with someone you can livewith, you should fall in love with someone you cant live without.And as the Italians say, Lamore e un viaggio dentro noi whichtranslated means Love is a journey inside ourselves.

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