Thursday, March 21, 2019

Essay --

Innocence gained at birth, yet missed in seconds. The story of the lovers whose sinlessness was stolen away is a fierce one in The Things They Carried. bloody shame Ann price and emphasise Fossie, a fairy tale come to feel. Mary Ann started thievery the soldiers lives in Vietnam, Mark Fossie became uncomfortable, yet proud of her eagerness and fearless hobby for knowledge. To Rat Kiley, ...Mary Ann made you think of any those girls back home, how clean and blameless they all are, how theyll never understand any of this... (OBrien 113). To the men she was dreams, youth, an escape, the early all in one pink trimmed girl. Mainly, however, to her boyfriend, Mark Fossie, she was his future, his connection life after the war. Rat Kiley describes Mark Fossie as proud, yes, but besides amazed. A different person, it seemed, and he wasnt sure what to make of it. (OBrien 98). When Mary Ann changed, and ultimately vanished, it is as if the war stole every instalment of Mark F ossie. Using this sophisticated complex love story enhances the sense of upset innocence. In the beginning Mary Ann and Mark contemplated what they would look like in the future, yet as the days went by her mindset changed. She became more enkindle on her new surroundings and less focused on her future as his wife. It was then that Mark Fossie began to mention her going home. He had been belongings on to their future for his sanity, much to Rat Kileys dismay man, you must be deaf. Shes already at rest(p) (OBrien 107). However, she refused to leave. She claimed to be happier than ever in her life. Soon, the insulating material grew between them. Mary Ann was immersing herself in Vietnam. Then one night she vanished with the Greenies. She was gone for weeks, one night Rat Kiley sa... ...bol of their innocence, and just as she became knockout and was ready for the kill(OBrien 111), the soldiers changed to become mysterious and cynical because of the war. A piece of the l ove story that vanished the dreams and futures of the soldiers. They became tainted forever with terrifying images burning done their minds. What happened to her, Rat said, was what happened to all of them. You come over clean and you get smelly and then afterward its never the same (OBrien 109). The things they saw the things they lived, they couldnt retell, for no one would believe it. Mary Ann Bell and Mark Fossie represented the relationships lost due to the war, the loved ones that had forgotten or who would never understand the changes. They represented the dreams that had changed and been lost. They were the innocence and naivety turned to disparagement.

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