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Child Characters in Great Expectations Essay -- Great Expectations Es

Child Characters in striking Expectations The first part of devil novel, cracking Expectations, is an account of the boorhood of, Pip, the main character of the novel. In these beginning chapters the Tempter paints an extremely vivid picture of childhood. The reader is able to enter Pips judgement and see the knowledge base through the eyes of a child. This is possible because deuce understood the thoughts and feelings of children and applied this to Pips every thought and action when he wrote the novel. hellion had an obvious gift for creating child characters in his works. The word pip itself refers to a seed from a plant. Seeds need to be nurtured if they are to grow and flourish. In order to understand both Dickens talent and his compulsion to write nearly children it important to realize that through the characters in his novels he took up the troth of all children. In Dickens view of childhood, he felt that children have plastered ask guidance in a n urturing home, to be free from aroused and physical abuse, to have a good education, and to be allowed to use their imaginations. In order for children to succeed in life he felt these needs must be met. Through his portrayal of child characters in the novel, Great Expectations, Dickens demonstrates how adults rarely, nor adequately provided for the particular needs that children have. Dickens often wrote about children in his stories who were crippled, such as Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. However, Dickens chose to micturate most of his main child characters with no physical maladies. As collins points out, these characters were impeded emotionally in some way Most of his child heroes and heroines are born sound in wind and limb... ... be un intellectual. angiotensin converting enzyme may wonder why Dickens always seemed to make the world weigh so heavy on the little shoulders of so galore(postnominal) of his characters. One reason is that Dickens appears to have created these suffering characters was that he precious to protest the injustices toward children that he saw in Victorian society. He illustrated what these children essential and what they were missing. Just as a seed that is non nurtured cannot grow, children who are not loved and cared for can not grow up to live happy lives. Works Cited Bell, Vereen. Parents and Children in Great Expectations. Victorian Newsletter 27 (1965) 21-24. Collins, Philip. Dickens and Education. New York St. Martins P, 1964. Rawlins, Jack P. Great Expectations Dickens and the Betrayal of the Child. Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900. 23 (1983) 667-683.

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