Friday, March 1, 2019

Case 2- Marketing Mix

face 2 1. What is the c whollyer-ups strategy with respect to each of the 4 Ps of the selling in incorporate? 2. Based on the current grocery storeing strategy, should the go withs promotion unite focus be on personal selling or on advertising? 3. What further questions susceptibility you ask Herr Wursching to help his ac union move toward a more relationship-based moving in and engraft CRM initiatives? What other(a) recommendations might you make for him with respect to CRM? 1.The companys strategy with respect to each of the 4 Ps of the marketing mix Product They have come up with providing cell phone operate with advanced satellite network and they have come up with five-spot cell phone options for clients to choose from. Place The Companys corporate offices are located all around the world in contrasting cities. The customer service outlets and retail sales are conducted through the company Web site, as well as though licensed electronics retailers.The company does not maintain its own customer service or retail locations. Price customers interested in paying a premium for worldwide cell phone coverage are what the company is looking for and in large volumes. Promotion A Berlin-based advertising and universe relations agency to develop a worldwide advertising excite is doing the promotion for the company. Print and television ads have already entered the European market and will soon be shown in the U. S. market. Several promotions to get its mathematical product and name known are already in process. . Based on the Companys marketing strategy, the companys promotion mix should focus on advertising. Since they dont have their own customer service, sales force, or retail locations and due to that fact, the company is receiving customers through the advertising. So I think it makes sense for them to focus on advertising heavily. 3. Further questions that I might ask Herr Wursching to help his company move toward a more relationship-based bu siness and establish CRM initiatives 1. Will you establish a sales force soon? If so, where? 2.Will you be using the online website for all of your client/sales based activities or will you establish other methods of marketing and quiping services? The recommendations that I would make Herr Wursching in regards to CRM would be to purchase software which could be used for client data since they offer their phones/services in worldwide locations. It would be something that would benefit the company careless(predicate) of the fact that its expensive. The benefits outweigh the costs. Also I think he should set up retail stores in main cities where Client and Customer Representative can interact directly, face to face.

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