Friday, February 8, 2019

Rap is Crap Essay examples -- essays research papers

intercept is CrapShe aint nuttin but a hoochie mamaSmackin on your lips, put your hands on your hipsShe aint nuttin but a hoochie mamaOh I love those big brown eyes and the route you shake your thighs, acting like youre so damn cute... buffet harmony with lyrics like this play on the radio and in fellowship stereos e really day. Rap music pounds messages of sex and violence into the minds of young adults exit behind their sexist and repetitive influential messages. Music has a very powerful influence on our emotions, moods, and behavior. Rap music influences teenagers negatively by increasing violent attitudes and promoting sexual aggression against women.Very few lot would argue the power of music. Mothers use it to rock their babies to sleep. Patriotic hymns can be used at rallies to evoke strong emotions of nationalism. Ballads have been used to heat rebellion. Some governments have viewed music so powerful that they ban it. In white dominated South Africa, centers of Afr ican music were destroyed and western music was declared forbidden in China during the Cultural Revolution. Is music powerful enough to incite antisocial and violent behavior? tally Johnson, Jackson and Gattos study on the deleterious effects of vulnerability to rap music, subjects in the violent exposure conditions (rap music) expressed greater sufferance of violence. Subjects in the violent exposure condition also reported a higher probability that they would engage in violence (Johnson). Music plays an i...

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