Sunday, February 10, 2019

Psycho :: essays research papers

1.Watching the bear witnesser scene with and without music helped me to understand Hitchcocks mathematical function of music throughout the film. Hitchcock utilise the high-pitched music during the scenes that were intended to exhaust a high-tension effect. For example, when Marion was stealing the money, talking to the cop, and driving especially. The movie would in all probability get boring if we were just watching her driving and driving and driving. By adding the high-pitched music, Hitchcock created tension and suspense.2.In my opinion Marion Crane is innately a good person. Although she stole the money, I trust she did it mostly out of proneness to help her boyfriend and to get out and away from her home and bide with her boyfriend. It is obvious throughout the movie that Marion knows that stealing the money was a toughened idea, she was extremely paranoid, she was obviously not used to doing anything considered bad or abominable considering the way she acted toward s the cop, and in the end I think that if she were really a bad person the killer would have not been identified. Before she was bump off she was planning on returning to Phoenix, which she knew was the right thing to do. If Marions baby hadnt gone looking for her, no one would have cognise she was even murdered. I think that since she was innately a good person, that that is the apprehension the murder was pieced together and solved in the end.4.I think this was a good film to show in this class. It showed us a lap about techniques to create suspense, and it helped show us how different horror movies were when they first gear started out. I thought it was funny that they could use chocolate syrup as blood since it was in black and white. Black and white movies must be a administer cheaper to make even when not considering color price. The security review was so different when this movie was made. Most of us I think were stunned that they didnt actually show the murders (bein g stabbed), and couldnt even show Marions butt in the shower. Im personally a wuss when it comes to horror movies, and I thought Id be scared of Psycho just because I normally would be. But I realized that after watching this movie that Im more than afraid of the blood and the music than anything else. A friend and I used to watch scary movies sometimes during sleepovers and wed always hit the unverbalised button every time we got really scared, because we realized a lot of what causes us to be scared is the suspense that the music in a movie builds.

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