Saturday, February 2, 2019

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Just a Drug? passim our entire lives we have always been told that drugs are stinking. They have terrible consequences on our bodies, and can ca purpose us to do things that we wouldnt normally hold to do in a sober tell. Drugs can have untoward and varying personal effects on people, but no matter what the drug is we have been made to believe that its use is bad. What if a drug was much than just a way to escape reality, or to feel straightforward? Peyote is a drug that has had more than just physical use and meaning to people for over 400 years. It is used as a spiritual catalyst by many native-born Americans, and is believed by them to try a direct psychic link to God. People around the state have varying views on mezcal use, but who can evidence that it is bad? If the drug does have bad effects on the body, Native Americans have surely accepted that as a reasonable trade-off for the spiritual journey peyote brings. So is peyote as a drug, or its use in Native America n religion, bad?     In order to gain and base an opinion on a religion that is centralized around a drug, you must first understand the drug itself. Peyote is a small, round cactus that grows in the southern US and Mexico. Rather than spines or spikes, peyote has fuzzy tufts that stuck out from its edges. besides about an inch of the cactus is viewable above ground, with the majority of it being the late buried, carrot-like root structure. The small portion that is above ground is harvested, and is referred to as the peyote button. It is consumed either freshly cut, or dried, and has some extreme effects on the body.     The effects of peyote are quite strong, and cause an straddle of feelings and emotional perceptions. According to There is a feeling of strange alcohol addiction and shifting consciousness with minor perceptual changes. There may besides be strong physical effects, including respiratory pressure, muscle te nsion (especially cause and neck muscles), and queasiness or possible nausea After this the state of altered consciousness begins to manifest itself..among the possible occurences are feelings of inner tranquility, conjunction with life, heightened awareness, and rapid thought flowthese effects will deepen and survive more visual. Colors may become more intense. Halos and auras may step forward about things. Objects

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