Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Mentally Ill People :: essays research papers fc

Mentally Ill PeoplePeople who argon mentally ill and have committed a crime should non be court modulateed to take medications. One motive wherefore they shouldnt is because of the side effects this medicine may cause. The second ground is because they might end up becoming addicted to this medicine. And the third reason is because taking the medication do not solve the reason why this person committed the crime it on the button sedates the person precisely the unwellness is still there.Nowadays over a 100 million passel ar taking a tranquilizer. One of the approximately common tranquilizers that atomic number 18 being used is diazepam. Valium is the most profitable drug in history and it is used to treat anxiety. People taking Valium are about five and nine multiplication more likely to take in involved in accidents at work. Some of the side effects Valium cause are apathy, low blood pressure, lack of coordination, impaired skilful functioning, loss of weight and it ha s also been related to violent outbursts.Valium is the most abused drug in the United States. to a fault the Drug Enforcement judicatory has reported that people taking Valium are more ofttimes involved in drug related deaths and emergencies than heroin, marijuana or alcoholic drink put together. Long-term use may cause atrophy of the brain. Also of 19.000 live births in the US found that birth defects were five times higher in babies whose mothers have been taking this medicine.After fifteen legal proceeding of taking Valium people feel calm, relieved and secure but between doses they become fidgety. Taking Valium or court order someone to take Valium is not helping the individual who quite of talking out his/her problems and expressing his/her feelings these are just being repressed or ignored. After a while these individuals become addicted and end up with more troubles than the ones they had before taking anything.Mental illness was once considered to be a personal failing b ut now scientists know that is just a chemical imbalance. It is also known that stress and other factors may contribute to a persons mental illness. Also it is be that when people with mentally illness are more willing to cooperate if they are not forced into getting treatment.

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