Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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Nirav PatelMGMT 390Final ExamDecember 18, 20121.) Why is the human resources incision an important function in any confederation? What other things do human resources professionals stir responsibility for besides managing employee health benefit programs? dedicate at least 3 other things that they oversee inside a company. a.Human resources department is an important function in any company beca put on mickle from human resources hire the people in the first place, and this is the ane duty they have to do carefully beca manipulation hiring the hiring an employee for a job is non an easy task. It includes so many other tasks into it such as, hiring them, then evaluating them, fashioning their schedule and so on.Their responsibility includes hiring the perfect employees, responding to employees major demands, and to use these employees to finish their goals. These are their major responsibilities. 3 things they oversee inside a company are their employees, complaints, and ach ievement of the company goals.2.)Some people have say that an effective marketing strategy makes a buyer whole tone as if they ask to buy a production rather than existence sold on a product or idea. What types of things do effectual marketing managers do to make buyers feel that they want to buy a certain product or service?a.To make buyers feel that they want to buy a certain product or service, a bully marketing manager would use strategies such as selling the product at cheaper price than competitor with no sale. They can also use idea of psychological pricing which means that the manager can designate the price of the good at price point to make it little expensive. He/she can use target cost strategy, which means you label the price which satisfies customers and investors profit. Anot... ...nd of currencies. There are 12 Federal defend banks in the get together States which is why we dont need 5 or 6 large banks to manage. The federal bank controls the economy of United States by raising/dropping the interest rates. 7.)If someone said to you that each products should be advertised on the Internet and nowhere else would this be a sound thought? Why would people advertise elsewhere with so many people on line anyway?a.If someone said to me that all products should be advertised on the internet and nowhere, it would sound concept because people this days use the internet all the time. Also, these days people even use their internet to watch TV at home. For example, utilize veetle, jadoo, and other convertor boxes which use the internet to stream videos and TV channels. So if we broadcast advertises using the internet it would help advertisement business.

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