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My Journey: Being A Person For Others

How I Became A Person For Others A synthesis topic In separateial fulfillment of the requirements in the FOP subject Submitted to Ms. Irish E. Bobtail Submitted by Mr.. Glenn Ian E. Patella Date Submitted October 7, 2014 Ad Majored Die Gloria, Magic, and Persons for Others these atomic number 18 the common phrases expressed and uttered along the h onlys of Xavier University At matchless De Canaan. I am touched by the meaning of these determine and perpetrates since I am crystallize of new to this kind of environment.Now I k at one meter why this Institution Is reputable and s world looked up by other people its because of the values they t from each one coupled with the quality education they offer. Going to Xavier University is an experience I will never ever forget Its not ab egress the anticipate that the indoctrinate carries Its not about how app arntly glamorous you argon when you notch d ingest the streets wearing the school uniform its not about being classy an d smart all at the same time, its because here, they focus more(prenominal) on shaping you on to becoming the best of you, in aid for others, the country and for God. In this school, I became a person for others.The first iv months grapple spent here In Xavier are four months alter with vibrant colors and unforgettable shades. With its cheerful and Christ-centered aura, I knew that I was called here for a cause. The moment I stepped into the school with only a hardly a(prenominal) steps away from becoming an official student, gleeful faces surrounded the university and seemingly elder students are trying their very best to make us tincture at home. Successfully, I felt at home, its as if Ive been to this redact before. scorn the air being sizzling and all, lye managed to enjoy my stay and rise-tried my best to be as listen as I could.One things for positive(predicate) that in college its definitely not the same with high school and you should practice being Independent and work harder. I found out that no matter how hardworking you are and excelled somehow In high school some of it might change in college if youve changed in a roughly different way. If I could 1 OFF what I have now I shouldve scanned for more rather than being contented by what is offered at heart the walls from different classrooms I shouldve spent a lot more time studying rather than focusing on some other activities, I shouldve practiced magic long the way.I dont want to sound as if my purport is full of regrets, however, I as well dont want to repeat some of the things Vie encountered this semester, literally. I believe that everything happens for a reason and God has plans, that God has a specific reason why things happen. With me on my weakest point was God he was there and helped me through my obstacle. I told him that I would rise back and eat my foremost power to be a good son for him. Despite the heavy thin out Vie carried along the pathway, I can tell apart tha t being in here t the same time makes the load go away.Here, students are taught to be concerned for the environment and as well as the community. Sincerely, I was Just thrilled and excited at the approximation that I would become a person for others someone whos willing to kick in and give others a hand. Who wouldnt want that? So, I grabbed the chance. Also, thanks to the OFF 10 subject, I developed my appeal life. universe able to attend the prayer session workshop was an event I will carry crosswise my heart for the rest of my life. It was Just life-changing Indeed, everything happens for a reason.Going to Manners and experiencing the calming and amicable atmosphere was fantastic. There, I met new friends and strengthen my connection with God. Furthermore, visiting the kinglike divine mercy along with my block mates was another remarkable event during this semester. It was my first time to visit the beautiful place and it was special, for me, that Im with them. Being able to pray together and Just being peaceful with each other plus the silent and tranquil ambiance, the event turned out to be as splendid as I imagined.With all the activities that jammed us into a strong and compelling group, the formation groups that shaped me into who I am today, the bonding I had with other people, I found myself overlap pieces of my life to each and every one of them. I am also glad that Vie picked bits of life lessons from people Vie met along the course. We are all men and women for each other. The semester cant be complete without this significant and fun-filled operation that we had in Consolation Elementary School.Smiles and laughter of children roared round the campus of their school when all of the students under OFF arrived at their destination. It was nice seeing young Filipinos that are lively, enthusiastic and carries potentials on becoming great people someday. Witnessing them enjoy the activities weve nimble makes me want to relive my younger year s. I can now feel the sentiment of an adult. We planned on including the national anthem during the opening part of our little program with the kids, but, they proceeded in reciting the patriotic vows of our countryWe were quite stunned, but hey, they got the Filipino parity in them. Of course, we tried our very best to carry them and stand in front of them as role models. There, I cognise how crucial everything can be when handling children. You must always make up a very good example for them to follow, if we want to see a bright and harmonious tomorrow ahead of us. We served them food and drinks to complete this one of a kind experience. It was clear through their eyes that they had fun as much as we did and it totally feels good to make them happy. Happiness contempt being buried by heavy load.In little ways, I served my colleague Monterrey by bringing Joy to their young and youthful hearts. Being facilitative and concerned for the welfare of others is something that burst s out from within you. It cant be Just taught intimate the classroom and the ideas are left, trapped within the four walls. You shape your own life with the guide of God through his own creations. You become a person for others if you believe that you already are and you should act what you perceive. As I close one chapter of my story here in Xavier University, I fancy that the following chapters will be as bright as the sun.The heaper did sour me into becoming the product of what the school had envisioned its students to become men and women for others. I became closer to God and I should serve him as my father and eventual(prenominal) creator I contributed small things to other peoples lives and became a part of theirs as much as they are also a part of mine I indulged myself into setting a good example for my young cranny countrymen to follow. In the process, my life was filled with ups and downs a sign that I am alive and I will continue to do what Vie started. And that is how I became a person for others.

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