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Maya Angelou: A Remarkable Renaissance Woman

A Remark commensurate metempsychosis Maya Angelo A Remark adequate Renaissance cleaning lady Maya Angelo is a poet, educator, historian, best-selling author, actress, playw properly, urbane-rights activist, producer and director. end-to-end Angelinos physical compositions, she expresses the realities of growing up in unman term qualified circumstances and has now become oneness of the close influential figures of American literature. The whole kit of Angelo reflect the strength of muliebrityhood and the force she has made during her life conviction. Despite be handle and molested as a young girl, Angelo has proven to the world her capability of follow throughing her dreams.Maya Angelo, originally cognise as Marguerite Johnson, was born on April 4, 1928, in SST. Louis, Missouri (Williams). She adopted the touch on Maya Angelo in 1953. Angelinos parents divorced when she was only trey historic period of age. Once the divorce took smear, she and her brother, Bailey, we re send to live with their grand commence in the dinky town of Stamps, Arkansas (Americas Renaissance cleaning lady). magic spell backup in Stamps, Angelo experienced the racial discrimination that was the legally enforced counsel of life in the American south, barely she to a fault absorbed the deep apparitional faith and old-fashioned courtesy of handed-down African American life (Williams).After living with her grandmother for four years, Angelo went through a phase of silence. The silence was the result of world sexually molested by her mothers boyfriend (Williams). Angelo matt-up as if she did not stir the right to speak after hearing news show of her uncle murdering her attacker. Angelo felt guilty and that it were her words that had killed the man. Angelo dangle silent and did not speak for tailfin years after the death of her attacker (Williams). It was not until the age of thirteen, when Angelo and her rather rejoined their mother in San Francisco that she beg an to speak again.Maya was finally able to overcome her fear of speaking. Throughout the years that Angelo attended Mission High School, she excelled in her school work. Angelo was not only able to excel at school, she also surpassed in the workforce outside of school life. When Angelo was seventeen, she became the offset printing African American streetcar managing director on San Franciscans Market Street railroad Cones). She also worked various jobs such as a cook, dancer, and singer Cones). Angelo proved that she was a very active teenager and worked diligently at whatever task she was given.It was during this time that Angelo was exposed to the progressive ideals that animated her later political activism. Maya gave birth to her son, Guy, at the age of sixteen. She and her son moved to New York city in 1957 Cones). While living in New York, Angelo became involved in numerous different activities. During her time there, she raised coin for the Southern Christian Leadersh ip multitude (CLC) with a show called Cabaret for independence Cones). Angelo w rote learning, directed, and starred in the show. In 1972, Angelo rote the script for another delineation call Georgia, Georgia.The numerous plays and movies that Maya produced contributed to the fame she has true today. Although Angelo has a vary career as a singer, dancer, actress, composer, and Hollywood introductory female black director, she is most famous as a writer, editor, essaying, dramatist and poet (Angelo). Given Angelinos reallocates existence from poverty in Arkansas to Journalism in Egypt and gold coast and ultimately to her destiny as a successful writer and professor in the States it has been no surprise that Angelo has not special(a) herself to only one or two genres (Meet the Writers).Angelinos career ranges in a child same variety from writing poetry to directive shows. She has written books of poetry, autobiographies, childrens books, and screenplays Cones). Angelo has also been a singer, actress, and movie director. As a child, Maya loved to engage and dreamed of one day macrocosm the author of her own book. Her favorite writers were William Shakespeare, capital of Minnesota Laurence Dunbar, Longs Hughes, and W. E. B. Dubious Cones). These writers inspired Angelo to be the smooth writer she has become today. Angelo published her first short story in a Journal called Revoluten in 1958 Cones).The events that took place during Mamas childhood in Stamps, Arkansas, led her to writing the well-known auto-biography, I Know wherefore the Caged Bird Sings. This auto-biography illustrates the life that Angelo had to live and the struggles that she had to compositors case to finally reach where she is now. Maya Angelo has been a fortified influence in American literature. She has also made an impact with her involvement during the civil rights movement and macrocosm a womens rights activist. Angelo was among the first, if not the first, to create a literary claim based on autobiographical literature (Meet the Writers).Angelo has become a populist poet payable to her writings on paper and being a suede-voiced speaker. Angelo has been introduceed numerous awards for her various products she produces or writes. An award does not always have to be materialistic. It is Just as more than or a greater award for Angelinos works to still be shared out throughout the world today. Angelinos 1993 poem On the Pulse of Morning, written for Bill Silicons presidential inauguration, was later released as a Grammar-winning record album (Meet the Writers). The Springing medal in 1994 was awarded to her for her get toment in literature (Williams).Angelinos 1995 poem Phenomenal Woman is still passed along the Web among woman as inspiration (Meet the Writers). Before Angelo received these awards, she had become involved with helping Martin Luther exponent Jar. , and his Southern Christian Leadership concourse fight against racism Cones). A ngelo also concur to help Malcolm X, but two long time after Angelo returned to the United States from a trip, Malcolm X was killed. Martin Luther King, Jar. And Malcolm X both influenced the decisions that Angelo wanted to heighten in her life. Angelo realized that she could influence plurality the same as they were both able to.Angelo decided that she would help African Americans achieve equality through her writings. Angelo was able to accomplish her goal, plus take on many more challenges. Angelo is now a great-grandmother and is a professor of American Studies at kindle Forest University in Winston-Salem, N. C (Angelo). Angelo states that she does like to be called Dry. Angelo (Angelo). Although she never went to college, she has been awarded more than 30 honorary degrees. Angelo is an American study herself. l created myself, she says. l have taught myself so much. The multi-talentedAngelo is very proud of her accomplishments in life. She still enjoys being politically i nvolved and making a difference in the United States. Angelo shared, Im not a writer who teaches. Im a teacher who writes. But I had to work at Wake Forest to know that. This didactics Just shows how important it is to Angelo to make a difference in others lives. Maya Angelo has been a intemperate worker since she was a young girl. As a result of her hard work, Angelo has written and published many successful pieces of literature. She has also been awarded numerous prestigious awards.

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