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Marriage vs Civil Unions Essay

homophile(a) man and wife is a contr all oversial and frequently heated topic in Ameri idler society and much so elsewhere passim the world. Homo internal activityual doings is not new. Homo sexualityual carriage and the homophile modus vivendi cede been roughly throughout save history, certainly for thousands of years, in fact, was socially cond wizd in almost societies. In Ancient armies, it was frequently accepted beca routine a man was much(prenominal) apt to fight for a yellowish brown than for a casual acquaintance.For example, unlike right away(predicate)s military, in Ancient Greece, human being relationships amid soldiers were get worded as a marrow to intensify the fighting spirit of the soldiers and tone up the bond amid them. (Burg et al. , 2002) Only recently did interest in issues of sexual taste motility from the squarem of the social sciences into otherwise(a) beas of science. Freud believed that in that respect was some degree of bisexuality in all humans (Bell and Weinberg, 1978).He and other psychologists of his time believed that quirk could be explained by the experiences a mortal had firearm growing up, thus focusing on milieual explanations for man style. Psychologists once pursue the pick out of frolicsomeness in an lying-in to prove that it was an abnormal behavior, but much(prenominal) studies concord now led researchers to shut downwardly that briskity is somehow linked to the idiosyncratic experiences and environment a person has term growing up. While this may be the constituentral view of homoeroticity in psychology, my experiences with transvestites be not consistent with this view.The some man-to-mans Ive stick intercoursen who were lesbian coexisted in the same environment as e veryone around them, but their transgendered tendencies were obvious throughout their expects. Today we realize that if environment brings a authority in homosexual tendencies, environ ment is not the entire explanation. today we know that genics and biology similarly play a role. No motion what bio logic and agenttic studies show, at that place can be little doubt that opponents of gay hymeneals and the gay lifestyle leave lonesome(prenominal) accept that the gay marriage is some kind of sickness or demoralise behavior.While homosexual behavior is evidently out of the norm, on that manoeuver is no scientific research or license to advert that is it either perverted or abnormal. scorn what opponents might claim, our view of homosexuals and our denying them the right to wed is no more than a rebound of contrariety paradoxical, sinful, biased and illogical. Regardless as to how a person views same sex marriage, in that location is no quick-scented or logical sympathy to ban it or to discriminate against it except for own(prenominal) selection/ resource. Genetic Studies, Biology and EnvironmentIt is fundamental to consider the biology a nd transmitteds nookie homosexual behavior. If race insist that homosexual behavior is a subject field of personal choice when evidence exists to demonstrate genetic and biological nitty-grittys be involved, their insistence shows and irrational bias against homosexuals based on blemish and dissimilarity. Today, most researchers view that a persons sexual orientation is compulsive by a combination of environmental, biological and mental factors. Recent studies kindle that devil biology and genetics play a role in homosexual behavior.Studies elicit that a genetic factor passed from induce to son might gift to homosexuality in men and that male homosexuality might permit a very discordent genetic influence from feminine homosexuality. (Pattatucci et al, 1995, Bailey et al. , 2000) Studies of homosexuality in families and between twin suggest that male and young-bearing(prenominal) sexual orientation may not have the same genetic influences. (Bailey et al. , 2000) Animal studies observe that sexual orientation can be influenced by altering the hypothalamus. (Cherry & Baum, 1990),lots of the available genetic data on homosexual behavior suggests that biological and genetic factors ar involved. Some studies have think on X chromosome since males have an XY chromosome and females have an XX chromosome. 1 study think out that the gene that influences homosexual behavior is carried by the mother. Heterosexual females appear to pass the Xq28 gene sequence on the X chromosome to their sons. (see below, Hamer et al, 1993) This study focused on homosexual males, and thus, their findings may not be a disapproval on homosexual females.When the results of genetics studies are taken together, the most reasonable expiration is that genetics can account for at least 50 portion of a persons sexual orientation. In general, genetic studies of homosexuality demonstrate that homosexual behavior and the homosexual condition is a result of genes. When male homosexuals were studied, the data of one study demonstrated that most of the homosexual men arose from a genetic factor that was passed down from mother to son. (Hamer et al, 1993) Dean Hamer of the guinea pig Cancer Institute in Washington, D.C. ascertained that homosexual brothers are more than heterosexual brothers to inherit the same genetic sequence, referred to as Xq28, on a region of the X chromosome. This suggests that genetics are involved in homosexual behavior although only a region on a gene, not a specific gene, has been identified. The degree of gene influence is un fire up. Studies of twins and also of the adopted brothers of homosexual men reveal a relationship between genetics and homosexual behavior.(Bailey and Pillard, 1991) Thus, the evidence suggests that genetics and biology rather than environment or personal choice considers rise to homosexual behavior and the homosexual condition. Other studies have demonstrated anatomic differences between compone nts of the brain structures of heterosexual and homosexual males. (LeVay, 1991) These are important considerations when we begin to numerate at the well-grounded questions ad break homosexual behavior.Thus, severalise against gay psyches is skillful as irrational, irresponsible and illegal (or should be just as illegal) as discriminating against an individual on the foundation of the color of his or her skin. Furthermore, it should be easier to decide the legality of mistreating people on the basis of the sexual perceptiveness than on the basis of their religious mouthful since religious preference is a matter of personal choice rather than genes. Why, then, is it illegal to discriminate against an individual on the basis of their religion objet dart the legal issues surrounding homosexual behavior are often viewed as unclear?While there may be compelling reasons to favor heterosexual sum of moneys over gay marriages, there is actually no unbiased reason to forbid gay mar riages. In fact, thus far favoring heterosexual marriages is a form of favoritism similar to favoring whites over other races. Certainly, the heterosexual situation constitutes the normal or exemplary interaction between sexes, but considering that biological and genetic studies demonstrate that homosexual situations are dictated by actual biological and genetic factors, there is no rational reason to view much(prenominal) unions as unnatural or abnormal.We cannot regular say with certainty that they are an irregularity as much as a biologically dictated variation, not needs evening out rare, just different. While we can prefer heterosexual marriage over gay marriage as a society, there is no rational reason to deny gay marriage or to restrict homosexual individuals to urbane unions while denying them a ordinary marriage (as will be discussed) other than bias. Although theories exist to suggest that environment plays to and influences the gay lifestyle, it is not clear h ow this could be dependable.For example, if biology and genetics contribute to at least 50 percent of gay behavior, why is it that a homosexual male or female raised in the same environment with a heterosexual male or female gives rise to one homosexual individual and one or more (generally a host) of heterosexual individuals? If the environment helped to cause the homosexual behavior, why arent there more homosexuals in that environment? To my knowledge, this question has neer been addressed or even asked. besides with Freuds idea that puerility experiences contribute to homosexual behavior.While no dickens individuals have the same childhood experiences, in part because everyone responds differently to the same experiences and environment, two individuals treated the same and raised in the same environment does not principal sum one to conclude that the differences in their behavior is caused by their childhood experiences or their environment. biological factors, genetics a nd internal psychological factors moldiness play a significantly more crucial role in their behavior than do environment and/or childhood experiences. Marriage vs. well-behaved UnionNow that we have briefly reviewed the biological and genetic data to suggest that homosexuality is a genetic and biological condition, at least in part, rather than a matter of personal choice, we are more prepared to consider the legal factors involved with this issue. In states where marriage is allowed between same sex couples, the individuals involved are generally lay on an uneven playing field. plain though they may be allowed to join in a legal union, they are restricted to a courtly union rather than a legally recognised marriage.What is the difference and why is this distinction so far another example of social variation? Today, gay couples may unite in civil unions but such unions differ from the marriage cave ined to heterosexuals in a number of crucial ways. Although a civil union gr ants many rights that would be denied without it, it fails to grant hundreds of others. Furthermore, marriage is universally recognized over while civil unions are not. Civil unions fail to resolve many pecuniary matters, tax issues, insurance pertains, pension protection, Medicaid and even matters such as filing and make full our forms.Another concern arises if those joined in a civil union confide to dissolve their union. They have no means to legally terminate their union unless they live in a state that recognizes it. In fact, at present, only Vermont qualifies for this termination. A Vermont right states that Parties to a civil union shall have all the same benefits, protections and responsibilities under law, whether they total from statute, administrative or court rule, policy, ballpark law or any other source of civil law, as are granted to spouses in a marriage. One essential wonder why there is a need to make such a statement. If there is no discrimination based o n sexual orientation, there certainly is no need for this added point of clarification in the law, so obviously, something is amiss. much(prenominal) of the controversy about and distinction between marriage and civil union boils down to religious issues. In general, Christians are against gay marriage. Therefore, at some level, the issue also involves religious issues and the separation between church service and state, religion and politics.While gay marriage is an issue that Christians feel goes against the principles of the Bible, other religions use other holy books and, as a result, do not base their opinions on or form their ideas from the Bible. Although the legal view is that there are no authentic differences in the treatment of a marriage and a civil union, each represents a separate legal category with significant, sometimes glaring differences that only become of concern when they matter the most. While the U. S.Constitution requires legal equality for all regardless of sexual orientation, among other factors, that legal equality exists more often than not on paper rather than in fact. Clearly, those individuals staff officed into civil unions rather than typical marriages are not on even playing ground. Civil Unions are a step forward, but they fall little(a) of being satisfactory. Our present approach to force gay couples into civil unions rather than true marriage, perhaps, is as unjust as the antecedent laws that denied interracial marriage.In order to give gay couples true rights, laws must pass off the idea of civil unions and allow gay couples to form true marriage so as to give them all of the rights and privileges recognized in marriage. We cannot continue to tolerate civil unions as the satisfactory answer to granting unions between individuals who desire to live as a couple. Just as we moved away from banning interracial marriage, we need to move away from banning gay marriage. We have only emotional and no rational reasons to d o otherwise.We have pointed out above that if the biological factors, genetics and internal psychological factors play any role at all in homosexual behavior, that role must be relatively trivial. Therefore, discriminating against gay individuals in any mien such as by relegating them to civil unions rather than allowing them to unite in true marriage, for example, is zipper more than undue discrimination and bias just as unjust as denying interracial marriage. We must move away from this and other unsportsmanlike treatments and practices.Continuing to insist that homosexual behavior arises from environment, childhood experiences or personal choice with that belief but no encouraging evidence even though there is clear evidence to the contrary is nothing more than further bias and discrimination against homosexuals. While homosexual behavior is all the way different from the norm, there is no real evidence that it is abnormal any more than being low in a society that is 12 percent black and 88 percent white and other means that blacks are abnormal. Faulty logic in the absence of obtaining evidence does not justify, prove or support an incorrect conclusion.

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