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Managerial Epidemiology for Gerontological Health Care

Gerontology is the scientific study of senescent as easily its effects. In the recent years, the field of gerontology had been the focus of many touch citizen because there is a meaningful increase on the elder arena of the society.Practically all academic disciplines and non-academic professions are affected by the ripening of Americans. The study of age and associated issues, therefore, forget be of critical importance during the beside century as the baby boomers pass into the ranks of the older generation.For this paper, the main accusive is to have a study about gerontology in a managerial perspective. It will focus on the kind of wellnesscare swear out that will be given on the elder sector without conciliative the quality of the said value.REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATUREThe healthcare effortThe healthcare manufacturing is one of the some fast growing industries in the world. The main purpose of the constancy is to exit health services analogous forecloseion, treatment of diseases, and the maintenance of wellness through the combined force of doctors and opposite think profession.Problems in Healthcare IndustryA. Low Quality of Healthcare serviceSome healthcare service has low quality of service they offered. This is because of the financial status of healthcare center. They cannot afford to buy medicines and apparatus for their services. This is in the main on the poor status of a certain country.(Emerald, 2006)B. Recruitment and charitable Resource QualityShortage and low quality of doctors and other related profession is another problem of healthcare fabrication. This will lower the healthcare services that will need by several people.Solutions to the DilemmaA. execution of New TechnologyImplementations of info and communication technology of healthcare industry will vehicle the development and advantage of the industry in pass medical care. (Sangaran, 2006)B. Good RecruitmentEven though healthcare industry is one of the fa stest growing industries, the recruitment is one of the problems. befitting staffing, improvement on the salary and benefits and a safe working place will attract people to go in healthcare industry. (Goldstein, 2006)C. proceed blue-chip EmployeesRetain employees that have high quality in proper side towards work. These qualities are organism responsible, high motivation in their work and practiced and talented personnel. These are the main key for the success of the industry. (Retain important Employees. 2006)D. Sets StandardsSets of standards must be made to guide the employees in their work. These standards will be used to provide ethics as they serve their forbearings.Technology and questionIn the advent of the advance technology, new methods and materials were produce to prolong the tone of man. In this stage also were health care industry was more kn proclaim. Many benefits to man are provided by the said industry. It helps and maintains good health on man and preven ts further illness. High technology brought many autocratic changes to human kind. It produces many tools to help people life easier.Another find in the field of medicines and therapies is the result from many research studies. Many findings brought significant result that help to prolong and sustain a healthy aging among elder citizens. It also produces many medicines that lower the rate of mortality and prolonging life. With this, race in the world gradually increases (Wilfond, 2005).From the given statement, we will have a intelligent guess that intervention of technology as well the covering of findings of research will have a significant effect on the effectiveness and preventive ness in the elder care sector.The most evident form of intervention of technology in the healthcare industry is the utilization of newly advance medical equipments. These equipments are capable of detect possible health problems as well able to cure patient elder people. Moreover, with this high s ophisticated apparatus, physicians can do medical motion easier. Some of these medical apparatus that are more advanced includes roentgen ray machines, MRI, surgical computers and many others.Another application of technology in medicine is telemedicine. As the name implies, it combines the application of medicine and telecommunication. Specifically, telemedicine involves telecommunications and selective information technology to provide clinical care to individuals at a distance and to transmit the information needed to provide. We know for the fact that elder people find it punishing to go to hospital just to check the physical condition. But with the installation of telemedicine, physicians will be able to monitor their patients who are in their own houses.Findings from research do also play vital role in the health service given to elder people because these results will be applied to the elder people. Like in the case of healthy aging where different method are examined th at will make aging among elders healthier and not the other way around. These studies will provide necessary information that will lessen the effects of aging among senior citizen.These findings are being employed by many health care institutions to decrease the offspring of fatality on the elder sector. Examples of the proposed of many researches are to exercise, drink can of water, and eat the right kind of foods. Right kind of food convey eating healthy and nutritious foods. Eating vegetables and fruits regularly will prevent the risk in many dangerous diseases like cancer, and heart diseases. Proper diet will ensure the normal activities of our cells, tissues and organs (Healthwise, 2007).REFERENCESEmerald. (2006). International daybook of Health Care Quality Assurance. Retrieved April 8, 2006Goldstein, G. (2006). How Can A Union puzzle out Problems on the Job? Retrieved April 7, 2006Healthwise. (2007). Healthy Aging Topic Overview Electronic Version. Retrieved April 1 3, 2008, from http// Valuable Employees. (2006). Retrieved April 6, 2006, from http// Keywo rd=RetainEmployeesSangaran, S. (2006). Healthcare Sector Will Benefit From ICT Implementation. Retrieved April 7, 2006, from http// intelligence service/health/564850/healthcare_sector_will_benefit_fro m_ict_implementation/index.html?source=r_healthMills, A.M., C.L. Wilkinson, and D.R. Bromham. (1996)Guidelines for Prescribing Combined Oral Contraceptives. British Medical daybook .Wilfond, B. (2005) Ethical Issues with Marketing Off Label Drug Use in Pediatrics. . National Institute of Health. 

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