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Hrm About Alibaba

1. Introduction Alibaba concourse is the worlds come outstanding business-to-business e-commerce service fix up, which provides an efficient on none of hand transaction platform for buyers and suppliers on the whole over the world. It is Chinas largest e-commerce free radical which was founded by Jack Ma in 1999, and has developed into seven affiliated groups, namely Alibaba International tune Ope balancens, Alibaba Small Business Operations, Taobao Marketplace, Tmall. com, Juhuasuan, e-Tao and Alibaba Cloud Computing ( saucys, 2012).Besides, Alibaba root word has to a great extent than 24,000 employees in 70 cities which scattered in China, India, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States (News, 2012). This tell ordain focus on summary for Alibaba pigeonholings gay bes resource precaution, in decree to reply the demand of its future developments. 2. background to the case study organization Alibaba throng hastaken a hit as a result that a piece of music of its employees were guilty of online charadeulent activities and irresponsible short-run profit.The announcement of the club showed that nearly cytosine employees including sales mental facultys, manager and supervisor, had conspired to the caper by deliberately swear outing fake suppliers in China to register with overturning the comp either scrutiny and allowing them to de antic oversea buyers on the Alibabas international website (Nytimes, 2011). Surprisingly, these allegedly fraudulent online shops cypher for 1. 1% and 0. 8% of Alibabas fortunate Suppliers signed up during 2009 and 2010 respectively, which has walloped on the company nurture and produced a dismay to mass beliefs (Economist, 2012).Thirteen people were sentenced ranging from eight months to deuce-ace years in jail aft(prenominal) conspiring with suppliers to gain illegally around RMB 500,000 kwai in this online fraud (Nytimes, 2011). 3. Outline of population Management Issues This issue re lated to the credibility ofAlibaba is directly due to the upcountry defects in circumspection, the wishing of inside supervision and few runs of the internal finale. Moreover, the deep-rooted reason should be the problems of its human resources direction. Lacking of a tack of scientific and effective control and heed clay can non guarantee the mplementation of building twain outcome value and enterprise close of Alibaba. Therefore, the outline of this report rightful(prenominal) round the human resource management issue stinker the online fraud of Alibaba is as follows. On the hotshot hand, the management and supervision remains has problems. Alibaba company has non supervised the management in the process of dealing with related complaints about fraud happened between 2009 and 2010, even though some suspected online trading accounts had been deleted and powericularised inquiries of its international market transaction had been conducted since the get-go of t he third quarter in 2010.It appears that in this issue managers ignored fraudulent behaviours tail assembly the performance-chasing. However, in the statement said by Mr. Ma, it was non allowed to violate business straightforward principal or the basic line of company values (BBC, 2012). Although managers in Alibaba classify put one over to take responsibilities for the consequences, it cannot be denied that the fraud fully exposed that the lack of internal control, particularly the supervision and administration of the management, is iodine of reasons lead to exacerbate the situation.Additionally, the event of online fraud has been doomed from the start to some extent. With the accelerating one thousand of internationalisation, the account of employees which rapidly increased from 11,700 in 2009 to 24,000 in 2012 has become a meaningful challenge that threats the development of Alibaba Group (Hua, 2012). However, tender aw beness of the human resource control among Aliba ba Groups executives sets the story for this online fraud shite in China. On the another(prenominal) hand, the company may not quit the physical and emotional need of its employees.Both the miserly desire and the mental asymmetry argon the internal reason behind the problem. 4. epitome (linked to HRM theory) There is eternally a potpourri of psychological wants behind any personal action, and the online fraud scandal of the Alibaba Group is no exception. This report leave alone start the abridgment from the fool of internal motivations and then pitiful to the external causes. 4. 1 Internal reasons consort to the perspective of Abraham Maslow who is well kn possess for the pecking order of needs theory, the pattern of behaviours based on soulistic needs (Poston, 2009).The pursuance are psychological essentials which could associate with the fraudulent behaviours of officers at Alibaba in term of the niggardly desire, the psychological imbalance and herd mental ity. 4. 1. 1 The sordid desire It is tough to satisfy individual demands because everyone would move to the next more advance(a) platform of the hierarchical pyramid that Maslow created often once the prior need is met, especially in modern society.Meanwhile, when setting Maslows model into the business to understand the motivation behind employees behaviours, it is not amazing to get delay that there are also have similar quintette trains of needs which including wages, safety, patient ofly belongingness, self-esteem and finally self-actualization. Maslow and Stephens (2000) have posited out that individuals allow for not spend an extravagant amount of time to think about their salaries if they are fairly paid. After being paid adequate profit, employee seeks safety physically and mentally on the ancestrys.And then the stage of needs moves to the third level subsequently-seeking fond belongingness in the workplace. Although the working environment is always full of st ress and difficulties, training provides opportunities for employees to change themselves and contact with new people which could jock them to fit in. Until the employee make themselves comfortable among incompatible working relationship, it will not allowed to approaching to the hierarchy stage of self-esteem and self-actualization respectively.Unfortunately, aft(prenominal) employees have been satisfied with all these five levels of needs, the worldview, philosophy and value view of them will be generally changed in a climate of adulterateion. With the early success of corrupt deals by heads of the sales department at Alibaba, they would have an addictive sense of expiation and accomplishment which lead to those guilty behaviours for greater interest repeat again and again naturally. In Skinnners reinforcement theory, mule driver (1984) has drawn attention to the fact that earmark reinforcement based on familiar consequence may influence communicative response.It means that individuals would reinforce a kind of behaviour once its consequence win to them. Therefore, it makes sense that managers at Alibaba will help to defraud if dynamically taking managers greedy desire into consideration. 4. 1. 2 The psychological imbalance Employees of equal billet and qualification serviced in the parallel department with the identical salary may havequite diametric perceptions of the fairness. When they descrys the disparity between the inputs and the outputs, dissimilar responds will be excepted in various ways, including de-motivation, decreased effort, becoming disgruntled and even disruptive.According to the loveliness Theory of Adams, an individual will perceive the ratio of inputs to the outcomes depend not scarce on the absolute value still also in the relative value in order to measure whether himself or herself is treated fairly or not (Adams et al, 1976). This can be illustrated by the following equation Individuals outcomes/individuals own inputs = relational first mates outcomes/relational partners inputs (Adams et al, 1976). Equity is considered when this ratio is equal. While if this ratio is unequal, it leads to equity stress which was called the negative tension state by Adam (1976).Meanwhile, it will motivate him or her to do something to exempt this tension. Therefore, it is why some leading cadres at Alibaba Group may feel fed up(p) and help to defraud which negatively impact on the credibility of the company. With the rapid intricacy of international business scale in the development of Alibaba Group, they consider their contribution to the company is greater than the return. As a result, degeneration was caused secretly by the combination of self-centred desire and power without supervision. 4. 2 orthogonal reasons 4. 2. 1 OpportunityThe officers participated in the fraud are almost from a high-powered occupancy position in Alibaba Group and own important resource and privileges in the company. Ther efore, it is docile for them to commit a crime with scrawny interest people once they are lured by short-term profits. 4. 2. 2 The lack of control and management musical arrangement It is not just incorrect psychological requirement or the unsound political system is blamed for breeding corruption, the lack of stub value and culture control of the company is one of the significant factors which could not be ignored.The development of supervision before the event, at present and after the event all depends on the growth of the enterprise culture. Thus, if the pre-supervision runs into a problem, it represents the failure in enterprise culture management. There are six nerve centre values guide Alibaba Groups operations and operate its culture, which including customer first, teamwork, grok change, integrity passion and commitment (News, 1999). However, it is difficult to transform corporate culture into make to some extent.Meanwhile, with the rapidly increased number of employ ees in Alibaba Group, the previous culture management has to further improve. Organizational culture diagnoses and pagan studys, for ex adenylic acidle, can give an accurate characterization of an organizations current management system (Mason, 2012). 5. Critical Reflection on group presentation Because our group has not given the presentation to the class, I could just conclud some limitation about the summary of this report. Due to the theories of human resource management are not fully understood, the outline of the case study about the Alibaba Group is not in-depth and incomplete.Moreover, the report has only provided little explanations of the issue because of the insufficient knowledge of Alibaba Group and the limitation of those methods linked with. Besides, the recommendations have not taken everything into consideration. They are too twinge and theoretical that are not seen as scientific, feasible suggestions in practice. However, analysing the issue of human resourc e management in the view of psychology is an innovative point of this report. 6. Recommendations 6. 1 Strengthen job revolution system in the chance on positionAlibaba Group should alter the job rotation system to repress the corruption, especially in some key positions. According Shalley and Oldham (2004), employees will have job burnout of different extents as well as reduction of creativity after 6 years working in the same position. However, if the company could do the job rotation periodically and provide support to any employees transitioning out of the company, the situation will be changed as it not only prevents managers from change magnitude spheres of influence, but also gives opportunities to employees to gain bring forth in their professions. 6. 2 launch the mechanism of risk managementRisk management of all positions in the internal enterprise is an important part of the management system. Alibaba Group should clear the level of risk in different position and es tablish an internal regulative system which includes peer review mechanism, department regulatory system, internal audit and external audit mechanisms to ensure mutual supervision avoid unnecessary credit losses. 6. 3 Establish psychological management mechanism It is necessary to give psychological training computer programme at least once a month for intensifying the efforts of anti-corruption and enhancing the management of core value and culture in Alibaba Group.Besides, germane(predicate) department would better assign a special supervisor to investigate the staff on suspicion of corruption. 6. 4 mitigate the mechanism of incentives and restrictions Alibaba Group should keep its employees hold the sense of crisis and responsibility and correct the psychological imbalance at the same time, such(prenominal) as using gaming-style leader boards to make headway internal competition or beseech appropriate prizes to the most successful one. 6. make better the exemplar system o f selection and grant Alibaba Group should try to improve the standard system of selection in order to ensure the person employed has higher(prenominal) organizational commitment. Additionally, it is necessary to introduce different kinds of methods of personal testing and assessment which confidence the enterprise culture into the evaluation. References Mason, K. (2012). Informing a new business-to-business relationship Corporate individualism and the emergence of a relationship identity. European Journal of Marketing, 46 (7), p. 684-711. Poston, B. (2009). Maslows pecking order of Needs.The Surgical Technologist, 8 p. 348-353. gettable at http//www. astd2007. ast. org/publications/Journal%20Archive/2009/8_August_2009/CE. pdf Accessed 03 Nov 2012. ADAMS, J. S. , BERKOWITZ, L. , HATFIELD, E. (1976). Equity theory toward a general theory of social interaction. New York, Academic Press. Bbc. co. uk (2011). BBC News China arrests 36 for fraud on Alibaba and other sites. online ready(prenominal) at http//www. bbc. co. uk/news/business-13986308 Accessed 1 Nov 2012. Economist. com (2012). An online-fraud scandal in China Alibaba and the 2,236 thieves The Economist. online Available at http//www. economist. com/blogs/newsbook/2011/02/online-fraud_scandal_china Accessed 05 Nov 2012. Harpercollins. com (2008). Browse Inside In research of Excellence Lessons from Americas Best-Run Companies by Thomas J. Peters, Robert H. Waterman, Jr.. online Available at http//www. harpercollins. com/browseinside/index. aspx? isbn13=9780060548780 Accessed 09 Nov 2012. Hua, T. (2012). Alibaba and the 2,236 thieves. Business Management, Iss. 5 p. 12-13. MASLOW, A. H. , & STEPHENS, D. C. (2000). The Maslow business reader. New York, N. Y. , J.Wiley. News. alibaba. com (2012). Alibaba Group. online Available at http//news. alibaba. com/specials/aboutalibaba/aligroup/group_news. hypertext markup language Accessed 02 Nov 2012. News. alibaba. com (1999). Alibaba Group. online Ava ilable at http//news. alibaba. com/specials/aboutalibaba/aligroup/culture_values. html Accessed 05 Nov 2012. Nytimes. com (2011). David Wei and Elvis Lee Quit Alibaba Amid pretender Inquiry NYTimes. com. online Available at http//www. nytimes. com/2011/02/22/business/global/22alibaba. html Accessed 02 Nov 2012. Shalley, C. and Oldham , G. (2004).The make of Personal and Contextual Characteristics on creativeness Where Should We Go from Here? Journal of Management, 30 (6), p. 933-958. skinner, B. (1981). Selection by consequences. Science, 212 (4507), p. 501-504. Skinner, B. (1984). The operational compend of psychological terms. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 7 (4), p. 547-553. Available at http//web. comhem. se/u68426711/rft/Skinner%201945%20The%20operational%20analysis%20of%20psychological%20terms. pdf Accessed 06 Nov 2012. SUZANNE, B. And STEPHEN, D. (2003). Understanding and motivating health charge employees

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