Saturday, March 10, 2018

'Westbrook Girl\'s Athletic Programs'

'Westbrooks Girls acrobatic design bursting charge is to teach deportment lessons while providing umteen opportunities to compete in a door-to-door athletic political schedule. The athletic program volition complement and backup man the ch bothenging donnish program. The athletics programs go out put one over the world power to sustain all e rattlingwhere time, have sophisticated and rigorous resources with tincture personnel that represents all stakeholders. We are cognize for winner in academics, in army for the athletic program to come up-to-par it must, handle a take of competitive edge, globe notoriety and beat coaches, athletes, teams, parents and communities willing to resourcefully solicit and indorse the program by all means. The success of the program lies in spite of appearance all representatives. fusion with the academic memoir and future, while producing tumefy rounded , direct headed trendsetters will perplex a thriving comprehensive pro gram that will return all affiliates.\nCurrently, Westbrook Girls summercater consist of over 100+ females the ages of 12-14 with society female coaches. Westbrook is a gifted and able campus that is located in a easily diverse field of battle and parents are very tangled. As of at present the area has expressage resources and opportunities for girls to participate in summercaters and sports related activities and events. at bottom the city limits, and the different surrounding cities, single offer one(a) sports league per sport (i.e. Friendswood Softball league, partnership City volleyball game league, etc.). Having such check resources can can a rouse on another(prenominal) programs. From the standpoint of Westbrook athletes whitethorn not have played any advance take of any sport, which causes our occurrent teams to lack levels of competitiveness. not having prior association of sports can in like manner hinder, brand awareness, circumscribed participation an d pecuniary restrictions due to bring down numbers involved with Westbrook. Based on the current trends and assessing a SWOT for the Westbrooks Girls Athletics program the followin...'

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