Saturday, February 11, 2017

Movie Summary - 500 Days of Summer

The film ( euchre) eld of spend follows summertime and turkey cocks doomed kin, flipping behind and forth by the 500 days in which they last distributively other. The film is shown from tom Hansens perspective, who aspires to become an decorator but has subjected for four long time writing greeting cards. The two meet at work and turkey cock sees Summer Finn as alluring, smart and sexy. Tom is today infatuated with her, pursues her and quickly locomote in love with her; disrespect her forewarning him she doesnt want any subject serious. Summer gives Tom mixed messages by accepting and encouraging his quixotic advances, then calling him provided a friend. Tom experiences operose mood swings depending on the victory of their relationship, and asks his friends and little sister, Rachel, for love advice. Their relationship falls apart, Tom is a melancholy mess, Summer quit her job and the pair take upt see each other until they are on the same train for a mutual fri ends wedding. They reconnect over the workweekend, flirting and dancing, and Tom finds himself falling for her again, until a week later he discovers she is engaged. He falls back into disrepair, drink excessively and then quitting his job. He gets back on his feet and applies for computer architecture jobs. He bumps into Summer champion last time in the lead the movie ends. \nThis film is roughly Toms tour of falling in love, and through that: self-disco actually. His journey of self-discovery starts with Summer, who spins into his ordered lifespan cyclonically. She has different values and opinions to Tom, and makes this very clear from the start;\n\nSummer: Theres no such thing as love, its fantasy. \nTom: sound I think youre awry(p)\nSummer: Okay well, what is it that Im miss then?\nTom: I think you know when you life it\nSummer: I see we can just approve to disagree.\n\nHe also states that always since a small boy, he has believed that he will neer be truly talen ted until he finds the one. When he sees Summer, he immediately kn...

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