Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Golden Dragon

My poetry professor tells us that striking poesys will determine (us) how to read (a) poems style as its read A great poem will memorize you how to read that specific poem forward it is done. You have to permit the poem teach you, and then absorb the rest of the poem. This is graceful similar to the effect that Roland Schimmelpfennigs The golden Dragon had on me. This be habituated was a walkover that taught me how to beguile the tinker as it was happening. \nI knew the undertake was spill to be a completely divergent experience than any play I had ever seen in the lead the moment I walked in the door. Upon walking into the theatre, I was pass a small pass water- let on cut that looked like it was from a Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately, instead of food inside, at that run was a food for ruling  guinea pig. The food for thought slip, which was given to every person that attended the play, created a unique lift out to the theatre experience. Each slip had a name on it, a profession, and a place of origin for the person. It also had a little blurb well-nigh the persons assimilation into America. \nA a few(prenominal) other things were cues that this was not going to be a convention play experience. The stage jutted out into a large fudge that audience members could sit around if they pleased. At each lavatory around the table in that respect was a plate fill with dirt. It didnt look so appealing, so I chose a regulation seat in the audience. The luck was gorgeous as well, with an flesh out oriental backdrop that had vibrant reds and was extremely appealing to the eye.\nWhen the play started, I was almost like a shot lost. I had no preliminary knowledge of any conformation about the play, and hardly had meter to sift through the playbook to begin with the show began. It was initially bully to follow any of the characters, because solitary(prenominal) four actors were taking bearing of more than a twelve roles. I didnt realize this fact at first, but it didnt take a while before I picked up the actors cues that they were natural covering more than one role. \nThe play is also...\n

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