Saturday, October 15, 2016

Economic Perspective of the hunger games

The Hunger Games is a motion-picture show set in post-apocalyptic North America. It tells the tale of a administrations excesses and oppression of the people from the show up of view of a 16 twelvemonth old take part in the aridity games. An heavy government hundreds of miles away that controls everything in the economy runs the country of Panem. The government has a law autocratic each of the twelve partitions to opt iodine boy and one girl every year to participate in the hunger games, which is a televised event where the chosen twenty-four kids fight to the ending until only one remains. The movie is full of social gossip that is of economic relevance.\nPanem is obviously a command economy and yet, happy markets depend on market-oriented economies. The claim resides on the ruins of what was a technologically advanced society that came beforehand the current state of affairs. The super-computers, hovercraft, and utmost tech trains suggest an prior competitive econ omy. Market competitor drives technological first appearance and designing as firms try to take on a competitive edge. This innovation only takes place in a competitive surround and is not present in uncompetitive economies.\nHowever, the state of Panems engine room is far more highly-developed than the current technological state. It is stimulate that the current political surroundings in Panem could not go been responsible for the technological advancement as most of the engineering is to keep control and leave entertainment. In this economy, the rich hold up richer while the poor suffer. In a market economy, the wealthiness would be spread come forth more evenly among the population. The capitol has likewise allocated various tasks to specific districts. This is incompetent management of human resources, as being born in a specific district does not automatically demand you intelligent at something. To execute the economies of scale brought about by specializati on, people have to choose to do what they are good at and would h...

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